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By George

Interesting encounters.

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Personal encounters of bigG (aka George Zuwala).

001 Assault With a Banana?

A lady gets on the bus. She is well dressed and sits in the back of the bus. While she sits down the driver notices the lady unpeeling a banana. After eating the banana the driver notices the lady walking to the front of the bus she turn to the lady in the front seat and hits this lady right in the face with this banana peel. She then casually walks back to her seat and sits down.

002 Is There a Camera on the Bus?

Today I was driving and it was very slippery and busy. I guess with this time of year being around the Christmas time it seems to bring out some unique things in people. A lady came up beside me while I was driving and asked me if there was a camera on the bus? because I am focused on the road her comment didn't register right away in my mind