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002 Is There a Camera on the Bus?

A bus incident.

WHERNTO: heedism 

image of 002 Is There a Camera on the Bus?

Today I was driving and it was very slippery and busy. I guess with this time of year being around the Christmas time it seems to bring out some unique things in people.

A lady came up beside me while I was driving and asked me if there was a camera on the bus? because I am focused on the road her comment didn't register right away in my mind

So I guess she understood this by my lack of response so she then started to explain why she was asking.

Apparently while the bus was full and I was unable to see the back of the bus. An over weight gentleman pushed this lady in the chest and asked her to get off the bus so he could punch her in the face.

This lady explained to me that she had some kind of breast surgery. She was even wanting to show me proof (and no not showing me her breasts but a doctors note) I explained to her no need to.

Of course she was a bit concerned so she wanted to know if there was some video proof she could take to the police.

I explained to her that on this particular bus there wasn't but I called control and they basically said that the police won't take 3rd party reports.

I explained this to her and just encouraged her to call the police anyways so they have this on file.

She thought it was a good idea and she got off the bus.