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001 Assault With a Banana?

Incident on the bus

WHERNTO: heedism 

image of 001 Assault With a Banana?

A lady gets on the bus. She is well dressed and sits in the back of the bus. While she sits down the driver notices the lady unpeeling a banana. After eating the banana the driver notices the lady walking to the front of the bus she turn to the lady in the front seat and hits this lady right in the face with this banana peel.

She then casually walks back to her seat and sits down. The driver and this lady are simply stunned the lady's face is spattered with banana juice and the driver is wondering what to do next?

He calls control and tells them of the situation. He explains that the lady has been assaulted with a banana and they reply do you have the weapon. He says"yes on the dash board". Control asks "does she require any medical assistance". The driver then asks the lady who was assaulted and she replies "no but would like the police".

With the reality of the response time of the police the bus driver waited for a bit but as you probably can understand people in the bus and outside drivers where becoming a bit impatient.

The driver asked the lady if she would like to continue to wait and she said "no" but they figured the police would catch up with them eventually and deal with this assault.

Well the lady who caused the assault eventually left the bus and the police had not arrived on the scene by then so she walked away scott free.

Boy what a interesting world we live in.