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What is a blOOk you ask?

A blook is a sort of cross between a blog and a book. We write chapters in a blook much as we might for a book, but we do it whenever the urge hits us.

There are 4 blooks presently underway listed in reverse chronological order:

pickTures - miniature and selective portraits by prad
The SatChats - the Veggiechess chats of 2004 summarized by prad
Tricia Times - glimpses into the times of Tricia
By George - personal encounters of bigG

and we hope you enjoy them.


From reading the title, you might think that I have trouble spelling. The thought had crossed my mind that such a thought would cross your mind and so I had to figure out a suitable answer to the contrary. That answer has taken the entire space of this introduction. The word pickTures, doesn't really exist. It is a concatenation of pick and tures the latter being what's left over when you remove the first three letters from the word pictures.