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Triumph of Love

Long ago within the Ocean of Frungali there was born a baby whale who was named Prem. He was an exceptionally intelligent child, and indeed his parents were very proud of him. When all his friends swam into the ocean depth to play, he would go on his own exploring the beauties of the ocean. There he would meet many different species. He realized that each one of them had different personalities and acted in different ways.

Whales and Turkeys a Personal Observation

I was encouraged by a recent editorial denouncing whaling as cruel. I have also read that 70% of Canadians agree, including such local public figures as Reform MP, Gary Lunn. I wondered, though, if there is an inconsistency with the fact that most of us eat animals regularly. My first thought was that whales are killed in a cruel way, but that animals are raised for food in a humane manner.