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003 Irreverence With Sass to Go

My friend Tricia walks her dogs Buddy and Sadie at the park. These walks are not only good for her dogs, but also good for the other people who are also walking their dogs, because being a dedicated, ethical vegan animal rights activist, she uses every opportunity to bring the plight of animals to the attention of anyone who will listen to her (and even to those who really don't want to listen to her).

Ancient Vegans Appolonius

In Philostratus' Life of Apollonius, we have perhaps the clearest historical account of an ancient vegan in the character of Apollonius of Tyana. This article will explore Apollonius's views on veganism and animal righton, their relation to the philosophical life of the ancients and will chronicle some of the experiences Apollonius faced in regards to his veganism. Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 Apollonius, it was said, had decided early in life to undertake what he referred to as the "life of Pythagoras", a life devoted to philosophy - chiefly to the attainment and practice of true wisdom.

Ancient Vegans Porphyry

As a continuation of our series on ancient vegans, we'll attempt here to take into consideration Porphyry's essay On Abstinence from Animal Food, written in the third century CE, and translated into English by Thomas Taylor in 1823. A full pdf of the essay is provided here. Porphyry (234-305 CE), the student of Plotinus, and elder contemporary of Iamblichus, plays a central role in the Neoplatonism of the early centuries CE.

Ancient Vegans the Orphics and the Hymn to Health

Orpheus charming wild animals with his music To Health O Much-desir'd, prolific, gen'ral queen, Hear me, life-bearing, Health, of beauteous mien, Mother of all; by thee diseases dire, Of bliss destructive, from our life retire; And ev'ry house is flourishing and fair, If with rejoicing aspect thou art there: Each daedal art, thy vig'rous force inspires, And all the world thy helping hand desires; Pluto life's bane alone resists thy will, And ever hates thy all-preserving skill.


This page is presently in construction. This is the comprehensive ARVEG FAQ produced by KG which covers just about every imaginable attack against animal rights and vegan stances. It provides factual, effective and occasionally amusing responses provided. (Some additions and modifications have been made from the earlier version and the original due to broken 20+ yr links as well as new material.) In the TOC, "->" indicates there is more to the question than could be fitted and can be viewed by clicking on the link.

Buddha and the Limping Lamb

There are many stories told about Buddha the Compassionate One. They carry the eternal message with a simplicity that any child can understand. Here is one of those gems. The Buddha is taking a walk. He gazes at the beauty of the flowers of the field and says: "O trees and flowers of the field! How trustfully you turn your faces to the sun! And how trustfully nightingales and doves take shelter in you!

Claire Smith

Claire Smith is one of those exceptional individuals who changes the world! She is experienced in finance and investing and has chosen to apply her abilities to the vegan cause! Here is a series of items taken from Allen Lee's fine article 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Claire Smith posted on MoneyInc: Investing Claire created Beyond Investing "a vegan and cruelty-free investment platform providing access to investment products which adhere to vegan principles and accelerate our transition to a kinder, cleaner, and healthier world.


These are letters on various topics that you can receive via email. They were discontinued a long time ago, but have been archived for posterity.

Fallacy in Animal Rights Discussions

Fallacious argumentations in animal rights and vegan discussions are identified according to the rules of logic. This guide exposes standard logical fallacies that repeatedly appear and demonstrates their invalidity.


Faunalytics conducts and disseminates research that is "actionable and insightful" on important topics in animal protection.

Fifth Column Veganism?

No one is perfect. Everyone is open to criticism. Any individual or group can be examined and criticized where appropriate and fair. The misery and death perpetrated against nonhuman animals is an unfathomable catastrophic hell, and one should seek to improve the lives of victims whenever possible while pursuing an end to the practices. This is what we would do with a human rights situation and nonhumans deserve no less.

Jonathan Balcombe

Jonathan Balcombe holds three biology degrees and specializes in the study of ethology with a PhD in this area of study. A leading animal behavior researcher he is also an author and speaker. Below are excerpts from Alexandra's excellent article about Jonathan: "It's easy to come away with a sense that it's a hard-struggled life out there, but it's a life worth living," observes Dr. Balcombe. He has found that many species share related physiologies and behavior patterns as humans, and are thus able to feel such emotions as pain, pleasure, and passion.

Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger is a major catalyst for the vegan movement! Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on a number of important public health issues. All proceeds from his speaking engagements and the sale of his books and DVDs are donated to charity. His 501(c)3 nonprofit is the first science-based, non-commercial website to provide free daily videos and articles on the latest discoveries in nutrition.

Nobody Is Vegan

In regards to the "nobody's vegan" idea, I'll attempt to demonstrate why it is flawed in its essence. The "nobody's vegan" idea stems from the delusion that there is ever an absolute manifestation of anything within a universe constructed on a foundation of relativity combined with the delusion that it is those absolute's we are talking about when we identify something with a label. No absolute ideal is ever fully, 100%, completely manifest.

Nutrition Facts

This is one of the best sites on the internet! Dr. Michael Greger has made serious nutrition science available to the layperson through videos that delve into the huge number of published papers on diet. Find out what the latest science is saying about your favorite foods to help you make the healthiest choices for you and your family. Watch our free videos on more than 2,000 health and nutrition topics with new videos and articles uploaded every day.


This is an excellent business which provides a variety of high-quality vegan pet foods such as Ami, Benevo, Vegepet, Evolution, Gourmet … The site also provides information links to research, customer stories and a blog. Check them out here: Vecado.

Vegan Business Media

Take one look at Katrina's Vegan Business Media and you know she means business! Your business! The site is very well-organized and easy to navigate. In our opinion, it is a certain GOTO for anyone with a vegan business at any stage of development. Two sections of particular interest are the Services and Blog. The former offers access to consulting, coaching, and even 'done-for-you' packages! The latter contains a wealth of information on finance, setup, trends, personal development (and more) through comprehensive blog posts.

Vegan Cat Videos

Hey folks, here are a few I've recently done in the hopes of alleviating common concerns regarding feeding a cruelty-free, speciesism-free diet to our obligate carnivore friends. No reason to make the pigs and chickens pay for a problem that humans created, and the cats can be healthy and thrive while we're at it! Never before have we been able to "have our cake and eat it too." There are over 150 million cats in America alone (including strays) which makes it the single most numerous mammalian predator species on the continent.


The VeganHacktivists "build data-driven, disruptive, and innovative projects to help see an end to animal exploitation".


This site encourages veganism with a huge database of comics and debate answers. They also provide for sale books and clothing.


The VeggieChess site was created in 2004 for the veggiechess group on and that group is still likely in existence. Here is the link to VeggieChess.

You Just Made It My Business!

I came across this comment the other day: "You shouldn't be so judgmental! Everyone should be allowed to eat whatever they want without worrying about some vegan nut judging them. It's none of your business what I eat! Each to their own I say!" No!!! Wrong!!!! I'm going to tell you why that's a load of … You share this world! You share this world with other people! What you do impacts on other beings!