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Middle East War

Unless we want innocent people killed and terrorists bombing Canada, as has been threatened, we need to do something. President Bush is the next Hitler, and Prime Minister Harper is his sidekick. We are now at war, alongside the States, in the middle east. What is it about? It's not about weapons of mass destruction, we should all know that by now. It's about money. Oil. The people leading our countries, if it has not occured to you, are not in the business to make our world a better place, but for their own greed, which seems, is worsening the state of our world.

My Brush With Municipal Politics

I have left out names to protect the innocent?—or was that the guilty? My initial introduction to municipal politics was the result of my friendship with a former president of our local clay court tennis club. This gentleman was very active, as a volunteer, on a number of community committees, including a regional committee on race relations. He suggested that I should become more aware of the issues that faced our community, including somewhat grandiose plans for the redevelopment of our surrounding area.