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It Takes a Community to Raise Our Children

This is true for all our communities' children, regardless of species! A perfect example is the story of Cathy Page and a duck family. Cathy was driving home along the Trans Canada Hwy when she spotted a mother duck and her brood zig zagging between the barriers on the northbound side of the highway. They were trapped and the mother was trying to lead her line of babies to safety.

Tribute by Twyla Francois

[Editor's introduction: Below is the tribute written by Twyla Francois, received June 20 2008, after the intensive media coverage that followed from the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition's 2008 Horse Slaughter Investigation. It is a reminder that there is still much to do … and that there actually exist those who are willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.] I hope you'll all indulge me for a minute but I can't help seeing all this media success as a partial tribute to Beth, Sarah, Emily, Jonathan Livingston, Aaron and all the other nameless animals who've died without governmental recognition.