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The Ideal Diet

Simple guidelines for a sensible fruitarian diet from T.C. Fry.

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From an article by T.C Fry:

In view of all the preceding facts it becomes apparent that plant foods are not only capable of supporting life when used as the sole source of nutritive matter but that they are able to support life in a manner which permits the finest physical development and the greatest freedom from disease. Man is a frugivorous animal and thrives best upon the fruitarian diet.

Throughout most of its history he appears to have use other diets, but he hasn't lived well upon them. He has survived it is true, but we are interested in more than just mere survival.

We want optimum health, the very highest that can be built. To acquire that, we must recognize our nutritional needs and these call for a fruitarian diet. With the fruitarian diet you gain the opportunity to rise above the health standards of the primitive. No credit is taken from the superiority of the primitive's foods over the conventional foods of civilized races in recognizing the greater value of the fruitarian dietary regime. The fruitarian diet simply allows you to go one step further than the primitive. It gives you the advantage not only of unrefined foods but also of a system of eating which eliminates the use of the disease-producing products of the animal kingdom.

In planning the perfect diet, two fundamental principles must be employed as guides:

  1. Only natural, uncooked, unrefined, unprocessed, unchanged foods must be used, and these must be selected from the plant kingdom. Raw plant foods are ideal for man. They will support life at the highest possible level and will provide the greatest freedom from disease.
  2. An iron-clad rule should be made never to eat food which has been cooked or obtained from other than the plant kingdom.

Those who follow these principles will have taken the biggest single step in their quest for a mode of living which will preserve their physiological youth over the longest period of time.