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Simple, but possibly the only solutions to eliminating stress.

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I often hear the word Stress almost everywhere I go. It is almost as if it is normal to feel or have Stress. Is it really normal? Many people blame their ill health and lifestyle on Stress.

What is Stress? Stress is simply the result of thoughimages that we choose to repeat over and over in our minds. Therefore if stress comes from our thoughts, is it then not safe to say that since we are in control of our thoughts that we just simply replace poor thoughts with more elevated ones to alleviate Stress? Is it really that simple?

Absolutely. Stress does not cause sickness or disease it's our inability to comply with Nature's Laws that does.

Let's take for example the life of an animal in the wild. Each day the animal must go about its daily business knowing that they may be another animal's Lunch or Supper. Now by most people's criteria for stress this would be pretty stressful wouldn't it? Can you imagine going to work and on your way to work you would have to be aware that something might just come around and attack you or worse eat you? Now why aren't animals dying of heart attacks, cancer, nervous breakdowns etc. if Stress were a killer?

There are several reasons…

Animals eat naturally Rawfoods according to their instincts. You don't see an animal with a pot/pan in one hand and a recipe book in another. They eat simple Rawfoods.

Animals exercise each day while doing their daily tasks. No time for exercise you say - then you will have to make time to be sick.

Animals are in the Fresh air and Sunshine. One of the keys to Health most people wear sun tan lotion and sun glasses as if the sun will harm them. See any animals with a pair of Vaurnet's on lately?

Animals rest and relax when they are not feeling well and don't go grab an advil to alleviate their problems. You must take time to relax and rest not only your body but your mind as well. Closing your eyes is one of the simplest things you can do.

Most importantly animals live a simple Natural Life and live in accordance to Nature's Law.

One of the most simplest ways to remove Stress in your life is to change your thoughts. How do I do this? Simple use techniques such as affirmations, prayer, meditations, NLP, etc. To replace one thought with another. Here is something you can do right away. Instead of watching those old poor quality videos you keep running in your mind, why not chose one of the following titles…

Run these titles in your mind and then watch the Real Magic appear that will amaze even Walt Disney.

Now as humans we have been given the power of choice that animals are limited to so instead of choosing Poor thoughts why not choose uplifting ones. The choice is yours away from freedom or Towards Freedom ….