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Raw Lifestyle Transition

Several thoughts on how to handle potential problems when making the change to a raw diet.

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Here are some of the issues I have noticed some people go through while starting on a Raw lifestyle. These issues being low self-esteem and guilt.

When someone chooses this lifestyle they may experience detox (i.e. running noses, head aches, vomiting, skin eruptions etc.) and feel bad physically and mentally. Feeling bad physically makes sense, but feeling bad mentally doesn't.

Many people start to question going Raw as the problem and not the solution to their problems. They wonder

This is when doubt sets in. Doubt can be a very interesting learning experience. Doubt to me is like a storm that comes through one?s mind and if your home (thoughts on Raw) is built out of straw it will be blown away by the first storm and if it has been built with concrete then it will weather any storm.

This is where experiences and knowing can come into play. If you think a Raw lifestyle is for you then I assure you, your home is made of straw and if you know that the Raw lifestyle is for you then you will have a nice safe home that can handle any storm until the day you leave this plane.

Many people who choose Raw, work with other coworkers. This can be an interesting learning experience. Many people will feel guilty in calling in sick or taking a day off due to detox. They feel they have to maintain this image of a super-being, yet they don't realize that detox is part of the process (even Mother Nature detoxes through floods and earthquakes). They feel there is no way that they can call in sick:

When they come back from their day off they feel low afterwards because they think they don't have the authority to talk about health to others who ask because they were sick. It's alright to feel lousy physically and call in sick. Don't feel guilty or low because you do - you are transforming. It is amazing that one the biggest causes of the low self-esteem is a result of your own thoughts and nothing else. That is why it is so important to chose our thoughts wisely.

However, you can choose the best thoughts in the world, but if you are feeding your body junk all day long, you are eventually going to have to settle your nutritional Karma account. You can choose to what to eat rather than letting an addiction choose for you. Many religions allow one to eat anything and then pray to resolve their actions. Prayer is important, but so are the actions we take on a daily basis. Remember God has given us choices and it is up to us to literally make our Heaven on Earth. You are a powerful soul, heading towards true Freedom.

Best of Luck on your Journey…