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Love From Beyond

A vision realized in time and space.

WHERNTO: notions 

image of Love From Beyond

I went away to align with my spiritual essence
when I returned we shared a deeper presence
you have asked me to come and live with you there
and shown me how much you truly do care
you have moved me in ways that I had never foreseen
and taken me to places that I had never been
I dream of holding you physically for real
and imagine how you would smell and feel

I so enjoy our chats and messages
we explore enchanted hidden passages
labyrinths of discovery within the divine
all completely new yet as old as time
with a few words you take me into a place
where I melt and it shows on my face
so I usually read your messages alone
and often feel like I am returning home

we play different roles which are expanding
and show each other mutual understanding
by not caring about the things that don't matter
so life serves up truth on an infinite platter
sometimes I am filled with burning desire
to merge with you and transcend even higher
yet the gradual anticipatory dance in which we engage
makes for a beautiful story unfolding on the page
that surprises and delights me every step of the way
as we live the immerging mystery of dance and play

again we lived the essence of dark moon night
when you loved from beyond by doing what was right
as I surrendered to you it felt like making love
and I gave birth to myself like a healing from above
in the fullness of its spectrum the rainbow flowed through
and once again Prard I was thankful for you
moved by these words tears flow down my face
as you kiss them off and we embrace

ever since I have known you I liked your way
of no interest in the past, only who I am today
and you cut to the truth with searing precision
as we unlocked a path you nor I did envision
you stayed on point when I relayed things back
and now I have joined you right on track
you didn't budge from your place of calm
but instead held out your arm
from concept to experience we formed a bridge
which led to our merging as I flew from the ridge

now my wings are getting stronger
and I stay in flight for longer
as we travel on a voyage into the unknown
discovering the one … returning home
Love from beyond now I understand
You only want to give when you hold out your hand
Transcending our roles the dimensions unfold
As we soar side by side through rainbows of gold

There is no distance, is there my love?
When this connection comes from above
A constellation of stars forged by the spirit
Physical fulfilment we are destined to live it
As the drawing emerges upon the page
I relish each and every stage
of this journey with you
of becoming brand new
giving birth to ourselves as we pray
together as one each and every day

the lines fill-in with perfect alignment
on our divine and holy assignment
of joy and wonder and laughter and play
I couldn’t have wished a better way