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Brittany Bunk

A vegan planning future possibilities for the planet.

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One of the very interesting personas on the internet who outputs a massive amount of content, Brittany has created a possible blueprint for the future. She is a dedicated vegan who at one time used to make considerable contributions to Beyond Animal.

Learning from the past and dealing with the present to push forward into the future.​

This is the life archive of B^4 (a futurist). For this website though, I'm calling myself Crystal Zenith (or Zena) Startech. If I write my name, I will put Crystal Zenith. In space, my number is xro-8571 and my nickname is CMOS (because Crystal starts with a C). My sister's called Rheo Fourier (Kinetix) Optolaser. In real life though, some people would refer to me as a 'walking encyclopedia' and even by the nickname 'Britannica'.

I want to pave the way into the future, and that means being at the forefront to show what's possible to be a role model for others to be able to do the same. That way, I encourage everyone to form their own life archive in the process of creating a digital record for others (especially future generations) to look through.

I'm the muscle (can literally move mountains) - I want to work on large infrastructure projects with others (either on the project or connecting my work to other's) in a skyscraper with windows, a table w/ papers spread out - and enough space to work on the floor and with holographic capacities!

There are several things on her site which have ethical value. Hopefully she will be able to realize them.

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