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Fireworks Frustration

Issues regarding the use of fireworks.

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The Fireworks Frustration site addresses issues resulting from fireworks discharge. Though the content is largely focused on the CVRD (Cowichan Valley Regional District, British Columbia, Canada), the ideas are applicable to any community which regards fireworks displays at best, a nuisance or at worst, a hazard.

What you can do right away!

Tell your politicians, you want a complete ban on fireworks! Send emails to:

CVRD (Cowichan Valley Regional District)
CVD (City of Victoria)
(Don't know what to write? Check out some sample letters.)

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The specific difficulties to eliminating fireworks are:

The content here may encourage the first 2 groups understand the problems and then to act with consideration, but the last group needs to be dealt by law enforcement.

To report unlawful fireworks discharge:

in the CVRD contact:

in the Victoria area contact:

It would be prudent for the CVRD to ban fireworks regardless of potential enforcement difficulties: it is easier to enforce something that actually exists than something that does not. Having the law on our side, also gives residents a legitimate footing from which to voice discontent to inconsiderate individuals.

Below you will find detailed sections that deal in specific areas, but we suggest you start with our
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
which provides concise answers to a variety of questions.

This site is still under construction. If you have any suggestions contact our receptive webmaintainer.


Section Headings are below in alphabetical order:


Here we provide questions and answers to matters regarding fireworks.

Helpful Alliances

This section lists actual and potential alliances with groups, organizations and individuals who want to end fireworks displays. There is strength in numbers and working together we can achieve the goal we all seek.


This section contains various acts and guidelines that regulate fireworks discharge for specific localities.


Various media related to fireworks will be gathered here. The items will contain quoted excerpts in italics. Any editorial commentary will be shown inside [].

Presenting to Politicians

In order to ban fireworks, citizens need to educate and convince their politicians. The information here details the process for presenting to various municipalties at council meetings.

Problems and Solutions

Specific problems such as pollution and health issues are presented followed by some solutions.

Research Papers

Various journal papers regarding the effects of fireworks will be presented in this section.


Here are some resources that may be of use for those actively seeking to stop fireworks frustration.


Personal experiences with fireworks and those discharging them will be collected here. These can include not only bad experiences, but also ones on how a community stopped fireworks displays.