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Analysis of Vivisection Argument

Vivisection is the practice of torturing and killing innocent lives, allegedly in the name of altruism and compassion. This is why it has been criticized as far back as Shakespeare, formed the inspiration for Frankenstein, and why the likes of Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, and Gandhi were opposed to it strictly on moral grounds. Intuitively we know that if you seek to help someone, torturing innocent bystanders is morally perverse, like saving a village by destroying it.

Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society

TheAnimal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of British Columbia (ADAV), established by a veterinary surgeon in 1927, is a peaceful, grassroots organization committed to the abolition of vivisection on moral, ethical and scientific grounds. The ADAV Society strives to inform the public of the grim realities faced by animals used in experiments, promote the use of superior and more humane non-animal alternatives, and alert the public to the proven invalidity of basing human medicine and toxicology on other species.

Heads, Hearts and Humanity ... Identity and the Freedom to Choose

Cartoon by Graham Harrop. This article was written by one of the ADAV advisors, Dr. Maidie Hilmo, PhD, and has appeared on ADAV first. Going back to ancient times, the Spring Equinox, falling on March 20 this year, has been celebrated as a time of transition when day and night are the same length. It represents the victory of light over darkness. This significance of this is especially relevant to to the current situation when the powers of light are battling against some particularly barbaric forces.

Progressive Non-Animal Research Society

Scientists now have sophisticated, human-appropos methodologies for studying diseases such as advanced computer-modeling techniques micro-dosing stem cell-derived organoids 3D printing manifold emerging approaches Advances in technology allow us finding ways to improve health care without inflicting harm on animals. The Progressive Non-Animal Research Society (PNARS) is an excellent and comprehensive resource for the biomedical community. It provides leading edge breakthroughs in technologies and treatments.

Vivisection Science or Insanity

Many caring and concerned individuals both from the medical and local communities are asking if animal experimentation is beneficial to human health and medical research. (Ruesch 36) Because animal experimentation focuses on artificially inducing disease in perfectly healthy animals, and is undermined by the vast differences of non-human-animals versus humans anatomically, physiologically and pathologically, "it is inherently an unsound way to investigate the human disease process" (MMC 1) Approximately two hundred years ago the practice of vivisection began when religious leaders prohibited the dissection of human corpses.