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Magnificent 7

Seven words that inspire!

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Most people are waiting to be motivated. They hide, hoping that motivation will seek. Being motivated before you act is an amusing game we play with ourselves. Can you imagine life functioning on that principle? Does the young eagle wait to be motivated in order to fly? Was the newborn motivated just before birth? Do a thing because it needs to be done: motivation will follow the action!

Life owes us nothing: we owe it everything. Therefore, squander yourself in any action you take. Apathy, indifference and self-doubt are killers of commitment and will ruin your resolve: 'one who hesitates is lost'. Become whatever you do. Commitment is life itself!

The determined spirit cannot be chained, cannot be broken and cannot be conquered. Persistence defies failure at every turn. Persistence wears down demons and causes courage to smile. Persistence is dedication, determination and lots of hard work. Indeed, it was persistence that formed the universe!

Is there really nothing new under the sun? Why everything that we do is new under the sun. Each moment is unique and each action is an addition in the history book of existence. Therefore, don't say I'm doing the best I can. Rather, do the best that can be done!

We hear it in the voices of the birds as they sing in each new day. We see it in the play of children. There is nothing more uplifting or contagious. Enthusiasm flows like water to cleanse away debris, leaving all in its wake bright and sparkling. It is life dancing in its own joy!

We all have 24 hours in each day: here at last is true equality. What should we do with this time, which is our life? Do we invest our time in actions that fulfill our purpose here? Live your time well, for it is all you can call your own!

There is hardship, injustice and unspeakable horror for so many. Sometimes we may wonder if the sun even wants to shine upon us. We may shake our heads and keep asking why? But 'why' only forms a quagmire for the intellect to be trapped in. 'Why' only delays us from doing. Trust only what comes from deep within: this is the root of faith and is the essence of our very being. For you see, the sun will shine, again and again. In fact, no amount of fearful darkness can put out the light of even one small candle. Through faith, heroism flourishes everywhere.

Be Magnificent!