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The VeggieChess SatChat

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This was a very short chat, because most people weren't present. It started off with Breaca and Ranjana forming a mutual admiration society. Then they at least stopped long enough to appreciate my puns starting here:

Some of these were considered so good that bbarr threatened to alert the moderators! However, the best part was that he started making them himself, much to Rachel's chagrin. In fact, the phenomenon seems to be happening all over the site:

RedHotPun is finally here!

I arrived to learn that the expression "cross your fingers" can mean more than what I originally thought:

[pradtf] fingers crossed? [breaca] it means you can say something but undo it later [pradtf] really that's what it means over there? it means you are unsure of the outcome and are hoping for a favourable one, over here [breaca] it means that too [pradtf] i wasn't aware of the other meaning. that's interesting.

Also, we learned that Breaca is in her first exam year. They have 2 in the UK the first being the GCSE (end of year 11) and after that the A level (end of year 13).

We talked a bit about courage and being pushed around:

[breaca] i am not very big, but quite brave [breaca] * breaca blushes from her boasting [pradtf] it is the size of the heart and not its container that counts [imvegan] breaca> you certainly are brave … and that isn't boasting … it's true [imvegan] pradtf> i like that [breaca] i like it too

Then Breaca told us about her new opponent timebombted, who we actually had the pleasure of talking to a few days ago as a result of some of his excellent posts. He is a very pro-environmental individual.

Then Breaca reminded me of the past with the painful question:

[breaca] you have really known Ranjana since she was 4? were you one of her teachers? [pradtf] no she just used to bother me but fortunately i am sufficiently dignified to survive it all these years [imvegan] he was 10 when I was 4 …. and I followed him everywhere … drove him crazy!!!! [pradtf] i used to call her pest - and still do [breaca] oh no [imvegan] yes, when he speaks to his parents he refers to me as pest …. all these years his mother understood him to have said paste

Then there was a bit of a discussion on flirting which is a negative thing mostly, though doesn't need to be always so. In fact, there is an excellent example of the positive variety in the musical ShowBoat in the delightful duet Only Make Believe:

[pradtf] with the music it is one of the most beautiful songs written imho [breaca] the words are very lovely. i liked the words about " put our thoughts in practice" [pradtf] "i like the That's just an unimportant technicality".

Inspired by make believe, no doubt:

[breaca] * breaca imagines most anything she chooses, and turns into a dolphin covered in singing roses

and exited from the room!

Then Rachel arrived only to say:

[remora91] i'll brb. i have to eat something.

Then she came back and I was able to tell her about Sangeeta's successes:

[pradtf] she made a lot of money for peta india [remora91] wow [pradtf] she made a speech to the jain group out there [imvegan] how did the speech go? [pradtf] and people kept giving her cheques [imvegan] remora91> i saw a copy of it - it was awesome [remora91] good. [pradtf] she collected over $600 last night just with that, but more importantly the organization raised $78 000 in their funds and they said a part of that will go to peta india [imvegan] wonderful !!! good job Sangeeta!!! [pradtf] this is a big thing because they have never done it before [remora91] thats great [pradtf] they use all that money to support sanctuaries in india [imvegan] you know Rachel, Sangeeta is suuuch a powerful speaker [pradtf] but now they will support peta india who is trying to eliminate the need for sanctuaries [pradtf] ya both sangeeta and ranjana manage to fund raise very effectively [remora91] cool.

Ray appeared with:

[rgoudie] Hello. Better late than never, right?

Then Michael also came in.

Ranjana apologized to both for all the duplicate messages:

[imvegan] rgoudie> did my millions of messages keep you away? … too busy reading them all I mean… [rgoudie] imvegan> Well, they were time-consuming to delete. I think it took me five minutes per message. [pradtf] rgoudie> you mean you read thru each before deleting them?

Then Ranjana told Rachel:

[imvegan] Rachel… we set Prad loos last night on the forums… oh my goodness… puns were flying EVERYWHERE !!! [remora91] imvegan> i know! growls at prad

Rachel had made a post complaining that she couldn't believe I had brought the puns on to the forums:

[pradtf] remora91> i rec'd your post LOL [remora91] lol [pradtf] remora91> it was quite something to have bbarr join in [rgoudie] imvegan> Was anyone hit in the head by flying puns? [remora91] pradtf> really… i swear you kill me sometimes. [Michael] my belly muscles were very stressed by all the puns [imvegan] did you folks see them all? [rgoudie] imvegan> No, I haven't been following most of the threads on the forums. I don't enjoy the forums anymore. However, make pun of everyone that takes themsleves too serioulsy sounds like an EXCELLENT idea!!!

Then Rachel asked if I was in the sheeppack:

[pradtf] remora91> me!!! in the sheeppack?????? do i ever act like it? i don't know where people got this idea that i am nicey nicey. i think i've put enough noses out of joint to prove it. [remora91] pradtf> lol. i wonder where… [rgoudie] pradtf> Your posts are consistently good-natured in spite of the abusiveness of the person that you are arguing with. I think that this fact may have something to do with it.

As I tried to defend my position the discussion took a new turn:

[pradtf] ya where do these people get this ridiculous idea [imvegan] Prad has a lot of bluster …… but he is a fluffball at heart… [remora91] pradtf> yes, you are so mean and rude and vicious in the forums insert sarcasm here [pradtf] imvegan> fluffball!!!!!!!!! you seem to forget how terrified my students used to be!!! [imvegan] pradtf> yes… I saw them laughing …. [pradtf] imvegan> they were trying to laugh because they were afraid [imvegan] pradtf> yes… afraid their sides would split ….

Rachel came to protect me from this slander:

[remora91] pradtf> maybe you should be the leader of the pack of vicious veggies. pradtf] remora91> there's an idea [rgoudie] remora91> Yeas, let's start our own pack that makes fun of any poster taking themselves too seriously. The weapon of choice for members of the Vicious Veggies pack will be the razor-sharp pun. Our shields will be our indestructible sense of humour. [imvegan] our flurry/slurry of puns will leave veryonespeechless! [rgoudie] imvegan> Yes, this will be the goal. Any thread that takes itself too seriously will be subject to sever PUNishment. We will leave them laughing in the aisles. [imvegan] rgoudie> yes!!!! and we'll take no prisoners!! [rgoudie] Onward, fair Vicious Veggies!

With that flourish, Ray exited the chatroom, no doubt determined to put his new role into practice!

And inspired by Ray, we all left as well!