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The VeggieChess SatChat

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Sangeeta came in first and seemed very pleased about it. Breaca came next and the two of them talked to each other because there really wasn't anyone else to talk to.

They would have continued to talk to each other even after I entered, but Breaca had to go and empty her hotmail account, so I had to talk to Sangeeta. It seemed that she had posted in the physics forums about imagination being more important than knowledge in science (Einstein's quote actually) and some silly people interpreted it as imagination instead of knowledge and were making even sillier posts. So all these people had to be straightened out - which they were!

Breaca returned and we talked a bit about the state of the forums which was actually improving. Breaca then said that she would like to be a mod, so I told her that she should ask even though Russ had said they weren't taking on any new mods for a while. We all agreed that she would make a great mod. Breaca thought she would too, because she would delete every post by anyone who beat her in a chess game, which generated

[imvegan] that sounds fair [sangeeta] breaca> hehehehe

Sangeeta wondered about something she had written something in her journal

[sangeeta] pradtf> here is what i wrote in my journal last night regarding something he said: Act as if all you meet may be the buddha…You will then be on your best behavior……better yet, act as if you ARE the Buddha, and you may becoe one w/o knowing it……how is that? [pradtf] sangeeta> do you remember what the master told the student when she asked to see a picture of the buddha? [sangeeta] pradtf> YEP!!! look behind the curtain, and there was a mirror!

Ray entered and was greeted in the following manner:

[breaca] Hello [imvegan] rgoudie> Hi Ray [sangeeta] rgoudie> ROAR! [pradtf] hoooraaay! [imvegan] pradtf> [pradtf] where is he???? [imvegan] pradtf> now don't get carrayed away [pradtf] well that was short

Eventually he did show up:

[imvegan] pradtf> he's having trouble connecting [pradtf] imvegan> oh yeah he's in montreal [rgoudie] pradtf> Yes, I have to travel a longer distance. [pradtf] rgoudie> and it's colder

Michael and Kyron appeared next, but Ray had to leave for a bit:

[rgoudie] Marsha has asked me to help someone carry a chair down the street, so I shall return in five minutes. [pradtf] rgoudie> that is very chairitable of you

Breaca then explained where she lived:

[breaca] sangeeta> I don't live in England at all [pradtf] breaca> you live in the ocean then? [breaca] Wales, the land of Dragons, we even have one on our flag [pradtf] breaca> you must have a wale of a time there! [breaca] pradtf> you will make me blubber soon [pradtf] breaca> as long as you don't go blue [breaca] pradtf> you can travel to Wales by bike orca [pradtf] breaca> don't you mean by pike? [breaca] ROTFL

Sangeeta had to go to her VegFest, but Ray came back to hear what he missed about his efforts with the chair:

[pradtf] rgoudie> that was a chairitable deed you just did [imvegan] did you chairge for it? [rgoudie] pradtf> Yes, it was, wasn't it. [rgoudie] imvegan> I charged her 25$ to carry the chair down the street.

Tony appeared but had forgotten his ID so we had to make it up all over again and by the time this was done, he had to leave again.

Then Kyron told us that he had part of our critter website done:

[kyrontf] Just letting everyone know, we have webpages for the 4 rabbits and one of the old snakes up now on the crittercavern!

So people all went to have a look and had a bit of discussion about it afterwards.

Larry showed up even though he was very busy. His pelvic injury still hadn't healed completely, but it was getting better.

Dyl appeared, but Tony left while Ray and Kyron were having a Linux discussion.

Dyl and Breaca were discussing moderators. When the idea of a female moderator was mentioned, the following rather unusual conversation ensued (while the rest of us had a serious conversation regarding the forums):

[dyl] breaca> I can wear a dress. [breaca] dyl> I can loan you a dress what size are you? [pradtf] dyl> svw hasn't been around for a long time [dyl] breaca> i doubt you have anything my size, but if you have anything in red i'll try it on. [breaca] dyl> I have a red bikini or a red wales rugby shirt [imvegan] breaca> i vote for the bikini… how about you? [breaca] imvegan> i vote bikini too [imvegan] dyl> ok Dylan… you get the red bikini… [dyl] breaca> i look good in a bikini, but for the sake of modesty i'll take the jersy i think. [dyl] imvegan> breaca> i'm doing you both a favour by not taking the bikini, incidentally. there was an unfortunate incident in year 4 on a school camp which left my poor sister's swimming costume permanently stretched. [pradtf] dyl> because you tried wearing it??? [breaca] dyl> tell tell tell, we are all ears [dyl] pradtf> i'm afraid so. my sister never forgave me. [imvegan] dyl> would you care to elaborate? so, you have a penchant for bikinis then? [dyl] no, you're not getting any more details. all you need to know was the camp was in a place called nowra, and I walked away with the title Miss Nowra and that's all you're getting. [breaca] i would never loan my bikini to somone prettier than me [dyl] imvegan> I could send you my new red bikini signed, if you like. [dyl] breaca> oh well. i guess i'll have to keep borrowing my sister's. [imvegan] dyl> gee, Dylan!!! could you???!!!!

Then poor Dylan in his overabundant enthusiasm said the following:

[dyl] imvegan> express mail! as soon as I can weasle the clothing off breaca. [dyl] ….there's something i seriously wished i'd phrased differently.

And of course, Breaca couldn't let it pass unnoticed, now could she:

[breaca] dyl> that you want to take my clothes off?

Dyl tried to shuffle fast and change the subject:

[dyl] actually there was a video of the particular incident in nowra at one point. i could see if I could dig that up. [pradtf] dyl> now you're in for it!!

Dyl dug himself in deeper:

[dyl] breaca> that's the one! i claim the late hour as my excuse for that slip up.

I tried to throw a little help Dyl's way, by getting Larry interested in my very educational physics posts:

[pradtf] here you go - these posts are really educational - really!! i mean it they really are: 

Then Breaca toyed with her helpless victim, first by getting him to relax:

[breaca] dyl> its ok i was joking [dyl] breaca> i know

Then by changing the topic:

[breaca] but i do have to leave in a minute [dyl] breaca> bye breaca.

And finally, as Dyl felt at ease while everyone was saying good bye to her, Breaca dealt the final blow:

[breaca] byee everyone [breaca] * breaca holds tightly onto her clothes as she walk past Dyl towards the door

His fate being sealed, what could poor Dyl do:

[dyl] Michael> hehe, somehow I don't think breaca is going to give it up. oh well. [dyl] breaca> hhehehehe. what a terrible slip up. [pradtf] dyl> slip??? again the choice of words might land you in trouble [dyl] pradtf> prad! i've managed to dig myself out of a hole and you seem determined to throw me back in.

As I tried to make him feel better, the following conversation ensued:

[pradtf] dyl> don't worry i'll try to make you look as good as i can in the summary [dyl] pradtf> oh no…… [pradtf] i didn't have time to write last weeks - hope i'll get around to this weeks [dyl] my mistake is going to be the centrepiece of your creation…. [pradtf] hey i had an idea!! anyone else want to write it up? [dyl] i was only here for the end, and after my bungling tonight i don't think i'm game to write anything again. [rgoudie] [so many hands rising at the same time] [imvegan] but you do such a good job ….. and I'm really lloking forward to that centrepiece…. [rgoudie] pradtf> If I had more time during a week, I might volunteer, but you do a good job. [dyl] imvegan> ha! if I did it, rest assured my slip, and my bikini wouldn't be anywhere to be seen.

I assured Dyl that that I could get him the entire script and then had a great idea:

[pradtf] dyl> hmmmm … perhaps breaca might want to write it up … [dyl] pradtf> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [imvegan] pradtf> youare soooo bad!!

So the subject was mercifully changed by Ray to Marsha coming to Vancouver in September. However, Ray was not going to be able to do so.

However, I was worried for poor Dyl, so I expressed my concern:

[pradtf] dyl has been awfully quiet recently - after his "NO!!!" [rgoudie] Dylan is happy that everyone has apparently forgotten about his slip up. [imvegan] thanks for reminding us Ray

But Dyl explained:

[dyl] pradtf> i broke a finger. too many exclamation marks.

As Ray and I talked about ferry rides, Ranjana, Michael and Dyl decided they would have to leave, the latter with the comment:

[dyl] pradtf> trepidation describes my feelings well.

Ray and I continued a discussion about the job market and housing, but he had to leave as well, but not before Doug put in a brief appearance and we had a few words about the place Kyron wanted to move to - The Bermuda Triangle!

After which we all naturally disappeared!