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The VeggieChess SatChat

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This was again a very short chat.

Dyl came early again because he didn't know what time it was. Then he left.

Rachel and Kyron showed up followed by Ranjana, then Sangeeta, who told everybody that she and her 'adoptee' were enjoying Macgyver very much.

Rachel told us that her voice had almost returned fully after her tonsil operation, but admitted that she was sleeping all day pretty well so Ranjana said she was glad Rachel was a taking break from all that sleeping in order to join us.

Ranjana mentioned that Kyron was interested in chemistry recently and that he was setting all kinds of things on fire. She, of course, failed to mention how she had managed to burn down our kitchen.

I came in, but had to ask why I was surrounded by rabbits. There were at least three of them all around me.

Ray entered and told Kyron that he was downloading the RedHat Fedora ISO images. For some reason, the very next line on the screen had Rachel writing "Well I'm off to bed."

However, just before she did, she tried one last time:

[Remora91] pradtf> i found the perfect one. the title is called, "Are you a good kisser?" [pradtf] Remora91> that's terrible!!!!!!!!!!! you know my sentiments on that sort of stuff!!!!!!!! kissy wissy uck! [Remora91] pradtf> i'm sure. you get annoyed so easily. [pradtf] Remora91> well i'm too dignified to respond

Breaca came in then just in time to hear Ranjana complain "why does everyone have to chew on my transfer case???!!!!!! AAAAAAArgH!!!!!!!!!!!!" She meant the rabbits, of course.

Breaca told us she was watching the Olympics, but Rachel gave me this ominous message:

[Remora91] pradtf> brb. Bwhahahahaha!

and exited the room.

People started talking about what happened on the forums, but Ray put it best, perhaps:

[rgoudie] It had become more of a bar than a community forum.

Then Rachel returned and tried to bother me somemore:

[Remora91] pradtf> bwhahahahaha! [pradtf] Remora91> what a horrid idea! [Remora91] pradtf> you're too paranoid about this. [pradtf] Remora91> i think that is your idea

This was too much for Breaca who left the room, but said that she would be back.

Then Rachel realized that Sangeeta wasn't around so I was off the hook. But no, because shortly after I was threatened with:

[Remora91] pradtf> i just found out theres a whole page on the tickle website devoted to kissing! lol. [pradtf] Remora91> i guess some people need a whole page to figure out what to do

We talked a bit about how our rabbits were destroying the place and then Sangeeta reappeared having fixed her computer problem apparently, just in time to hear how Rachel's dog destroyed her teddy bear.

Sangeeta told us:

[sangeeta] pradtf> imvegan> so my dad popped the big question– if i want them to look for a good indian boy for me! LOL!!!! [pradtf] sangeeta> well do you? [imvegan] sangeeta> here's you chance!!!!!!!!!!!!! [sangeeta] pradtf> NO way…i told him that i am happy as i am and i don't such things and i told him that i am dif from other indian girls as building families doesn't give me happiness– but living my purpose and vision does…no sure he understood tho…but also he said if i don't do it now, it will be too late to do it later…but he said if you are happy single, then they will be happy for me too!! which is surprising he siad that but then he went backwards and siad…make sure if you find someone he is indian! argh!

Then Lori appeared just in time to hear that Ray had to leave because Marsha wanted to buy him some new clothes. Poor fellow!

Lori told us her AR group was still having problems getting started in her school because the teacher in charge was being difficult, but that they were working on it.

Lori then left to eat lunch.

Sangeeta told me about a problem:

[sangeeta] pradtf> we had a scare in the house…something was burning in jannette's room and can't figure out what….but we unpluged everything and it's fine now—weird [pradtf] that is weird - was it a food burning smell? [sangeeta] pradtf> nope- electrical burning smell

What they had done was to plug too many things into one outlet. Anyway, they took care of it fortunately.

Kyron and Sangeeta set a time to talk about string theory since both of them had some neat ideas about it.

Then Ranjana related some fascinating events a friend of hers had gone through:

[imvegan] you know, somehings wierd happened to a friend…. her husband died a few months ago and strange things have been hppening since . this week w really odd thing happened. she woke up and found her dog sleeping in front of the fireplace and the fireplace was on !!! she hadn't turned it on in the blazing heat we've had here.

After relating this information, Ranjana took off to have a smoothie.

Interestingly enough, all of us left shortly afterwards.