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The VeggieChess SatChat

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This was a very short chat and will also be a very short summary. This is just as well since there has been considerable events taking place on RHP regarding the behaviour on the forums. Here are some of the key threads:

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*Don't we all want the same?

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*Enforce the TOS!

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Moderational Inconsistency

I have asterisked the better ones.

Anyway, we learned that Larry was still in a bit of pain, but his pelvis was healing nicely.

Breaca managed to drop in even though she had had a really busy weekend visiting family. Despite this, she still had to ask Ranjana if she had me doing dance moves to the cd we got on her recommendation. I will comment no further other than to say that she ran to Ranjana for protection, which didn't do Ranjana any good for I tickled her.

We all wondered about fjord who was moving to a new house and hasn't been heard from for several weeks. It is possible that he has already gone off to the Zen monastery.

Larry told us that his daughter said her first sentence just a couple of days ago. She said, "Hi Dada!" I suggested that it was chatroom time for her. If you recall, she did try to get to the chat a few weeks ago, even though it was past her bedtime.

Then Lori came in after an absence of a few weeks. She had just returned from Trinidad. I told Lori about Breaca's excellent gender agender thread and she went to look through it.

Everybody started to leave but then Doug and Michael came in and a massive discussion on making food started up. However, even that wasn't enough because they wanted recipes so I told everyone to look at where they have an excellent database.

Doug told us that he still had a craving for cheese though he hadn't eaten meat since January. I showed him why cheese is the 'hardest' to let go (as it had been for Ranjana):

"Several scientific teams have shown that the principal protein in cheese, casein, breaks apart during digestion to produce abundant amounts of morphine-like compounds called casomorphins."

There was more talk about food and then we learned that Michael had lost nearly 50 pounds since becoming strict vegetarian. Doug has already lost 15 and felt he should thank Ranjana for this "The last time I got help from you all I lost 15 pounds." I said that Michael had talked to her more which is why he had lost more. Then I suggested that "it is along the lines of talking someone's head off - but applying it to weight instead."

Of course, that got me into trouble, but because they were all discussing recipes and things, I was basically overlooked and able to leave before anyone remembered what I had said.