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The VeggieChess SatChat

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This was a short chat with very curious beginnings. First Larry appeared an hour early to announce that he wasn't going to be around for the chat and left. Then Kirksey showed up asking if anyone was home and getting no answer, he left for a few minutes but didn't log out. So then when Rachel logged in from Florida she saw Kirksey was still there and called:

[remora91] dad?

Then more emphatically,

[remora91] DAD???

And finally,

[remora91] man… I'll be back at 11

but before she could leave, Kirksey appeared so she said

[remora91] hey dad!

Then followed this most interesting conversation between father and daughter:

[remora91] yeah. i'm so excited about today! [kirksey957] Getting home? All the animals are fine. [remora91] i get to talk to everyone here, i get to come home, and i get to talk to jon! yay! [kirksey957] Do you want to cut the grass when you get home. It's awfully tall. [remora91] cough cough still… feeling… sick… crosses fingers behind back [kirksey957] OK, well we'll just let it grow a little longer. [remora91] joy insert sarcasm here

Just then Kyron entered and Rachel tried to talk to him, but after his initial greeting, he wouldn't answer for quite awhile, prompting Rachel to conjecture that everyone had died. However, Kyron explained that he was in the process of looking for Yoda Rabbit, who was busy with his own activities.

Kirksey asked Kyron if he had received a package he had sent:

[kirksey957] Yes, I ordered something for your folks, but I'm wondering if I had the correct address or they copied it wrong. [kyrontf] no we havent gotten it yet [kirksey957] OK, I'll give it a few more days and then call them back and see if they can track it. I'm trying to influence the "goad to be freindly" contest. [remora91] oh god, what'd you send? [kirksey957] A beautiful picture of me in all my glory. Just kidding. [kyrontf] kirksey957> lol [remora91] nooooo!!!!

There was no further discussion on the topic after Rachel's exclamation.

Then Rachel commented to her father that she had a very busy social life and proceeded to demonstrate it with:

[remora91] zzzzzzzzzzzz………….

Kirksey wondered if Kyron continues homeschooling during the summer and when the latter answered in the affirmative, Rachel was shocked:

[remora91] falls out of seat how can you stand that??? [kyrontf] well, it's fun stuff we do…………………. [remora91] like? [kirksey957] I imagine that what he and his dad do is very individualized and fun.. [kyrontf] we started linear algebra recently, i'm starting chemistry too…

That proved to be a little too much it seems because as soon as Ranjana entered, Rachel exclaimed with great relief:

[remora91] YAY!!!

but Kyron said she was having trouble getting in, so she expressed her immense disappointment:

[remora91] NOOOOO!!!!!

Breaca came in and told Kirksey that she was wearing a bikini because it was so hot where she was, so Kirksey asked if they had air conditioning. Breaca said no they didn't, but they had windows specifically XP. (I thought this was really funny so I had to tell the whole story).

Ranjana meanwhile still hadn't solved her problem of getting into the chatroom, but I wasn't surprised.

Then Breaca asked Rachel about her boyfriend Adam who really was her boyfriend, but had apparently become Breaca's boyfriend and introduced the bizarre word 'snogged' which apparently has something to do with the even more bizarre practice of kissing and goopy stuff like that.

Kirksey quite rightly couldn't take this kind of stuff anymore and left, but I had the misfortune to enter just at that moment. Fortunately, the discussion changed to Ranjana's inability to get into the chatroom which I had solved by the way, but despite my heroics Breaca suggested:

[breaca] imvegan> maybe Prad was blocking you

and Ranjana responded:

[imvegan] breaca> you may be right - he said noone was complaining that I couldn't get in

which was quite true (no one wrote a single complaint), but even so Breaca concluded:

[breaca] imvegan> I think he gets scared when we are together

Ha! That's all I have to say regarding such absurdity!

Then Rachel made the excellent comment from Florida:

[remora91] pradtf> i love my relatives and all but after a week i would rather love them somewhere else

which allowed me to announce:

[pradtf] remora91> i understand! i have successfully managed to lose all mine

Then while Rachel and Breaca proceeded to negotiate the subsequent rights to this Adam entity, I told everyone about Sangeeta's latest involvement:

[pradtf] sangeeta is adopting a 12 girl named amanda from a homeless shelter - i believe she is with her now [pradtf] it is not a legal adoption, but an informal one [Michael] pradtf> she is adopting a 12 year old girl??? [pradtf] she met amanda when she was doing her talks at the girls and boys club of america [pradtf] amanda is extremely spunky and has been writing to IAMs insisting they stop testing on animals [Michael] what do you mean with an informal adoption? will amanda be living with sangeeta? [pradtf] Michael> no but sangeeta will be trying to bring her over regularly [pradtf] Michael> i believe she is trying to work it out with amanda's father who is also at the shelter [imvegan] pradtf> that sounds great… she sounds like a really neat girl [Michael] pradtf> i see …. that sounds very good …. i hope it will all work out ….

Then Rachel, Breaca and Ranjana talked in a convoluted way about cuteness and dignity or something quite incomprehensible, but it gave me the excellent opportunity to say:

[pradtf] breaca> i prefer to be acute rather than cute

Rachel commented:

[remora91] oh god, here come the puns.

and a few moments later:

[remora91] guys, i've got to go in like two minutes. it was nice talking with you.

Breaca continued us along the acute theme:

[breaca] pradtf> isn't that an angle? you are more obtuse [pradtf] breaca> well go finger that out! it may be revealed through an examination of one's cuticles [breaca] pradtf> looks like you nailed me [pradtf] breaca> i'm glad you digit at last {digit = dig it}

Then she inquired:

[breaca] pradtf> what are toenails called? [pradtf] breaca> you mean no one has toeld you? [breaca] Pradtf> it was a footnote I forgot to read [pradtf] breaca> well i hope it has given you a new ankle on life

Michael and Ranjana joined in:

[Michael] breaca> is that what a toenail is called??? that is toe difficult for me toe understand … [imvegan] pradtf> i really kneeded that! [breaca] I wouldn't thigh to you would I? [pradtf] imvegan> that is very knobbyl of you [imvegan] just get hip about it!

Lori entered, shortly followed by Kirksey again. The former was having trouble and said that her computer was acting up so I wondered if it should receive an Oscar. I then realized that Lori and Breaca had never met at which point Breaca mourned:

[breaca] Prad makes me stay in the attic if we have important guests in the chatroom

so I told her:

[pradtf] breaca> well i don't want you to come out and attic everyone

Lori, who kept appearing and disappearing, told us that she had been to a concert recently and there was a PETA2 table there. PETA2 is the dynamic kids' arm of the main organization:

Then while Ranjana and Kirksey talked about his massage business, Breaca and I discussed her potential recruitment into the Jewish clan. It seemed that she was thinking about heading into it because the clan leader, Shaul, who is a fine fellow, kept asking her to join it - and she seems to have this problem with saying 'no'. I pointed out to Breaca that she is not a commodity and that she should join only if "you like the people there or you want to play for another clan or you think you are supporting the jewish initiative or even because shaul is nice", but that she shouldn't join just because you can't say 'no'.

Michael said told us that Larry and Deborah were expecting child number 3, but I couldn't see why that should prevent him from coming to the satChat. It also seemed obvious to me that they weren't taking the 'go forth and multiply' bit in the mathematical sense at all!

Then Breaca had a great idea:

[breaca] I love being in a clan that is so friendly, we should win the goad to be friendly award

My initial reaction was:

[pradtf] breaca> well considering that you inspired the idea and we are holding the competition - i think people might think there is a slight conflict of interest

but then:

[pradtf] breaca> wouldn't it be hilarious if we made all the others go through with the competition and then presented the prize to ourselves!! [imvegan] pradtf> !!! [breaca] pradtf> Yessssssssssss, please do it kirksey957] Oh yea, I'm laughing bigtime! [pradtf] that is just like the party i've been intending to throw and then not showing up to it [Michael] pradtf> great idea !!! [pradtf] we should do it just to show how delightfully diabolical we can be

but then followed a slight twinge of conscience:

[pradtf] but that really wouldn't go with the veggiechess image now would it

When I suggested we say that Kirksey made us do it, he said:

[kirksey957] That's all I need is more arrows coming my way.

So I asked:

[pradtf] kirksey957> why have you been in a lot of rows recently?

He said that certain people were "Just challenging my salvation that's all." It is so weird in my mind that so many hold that key to the gates of heaven, it must drive the poor landlord nuts!

Then Breaca talked about posting:

[breaca] pradtf> well one day i will post, but a lot of girls get lewd comments, even when they post about chess. I just need to be careful.

It is very unfortunate that anyone should feel that way. It is something that we should unite to do something about:

[pradtf] there should be a crackdown on ALL sexism on the forums - but it won't happen if we avoid the problem

Breaca commented on how brave Zoe was regarding these things, so I told her she had someone to aspire towards! Breaca's parents have a most appropriate approach towards her posting on the forums:

[breaca] I am allowed to post, and debate but not to argue, and if anyone uses bad language or makes improper remarks I must not retaliate in kind.

and that is just how it should be:

[pradtf] breaca> one should never take the low road considering the high road is always available!!

We shall see …

Kirksey commented that Eddie Anders had committed RHP suicide recently by swearing his head off and had been removed from the site, leading to:

[Michael] kirksey957> these kinds of suicides are fine [pradtf] Michael> i guess anyone who dies in switzerland commits swiss side [breaca] my friend wanted to die next to a canal - that would be Suez side

Breaca had to leave, but it didn't happen without puncident:

[breaca] imvegan> hugssssssss [imvegan] breaca> bit hug to you too!!! [imvegan] breaca> i meant - BIG!! [breaca] did she bite me? [breaca] fangs you ranjana [imvegan] breaca> to tell the tooth…. i didn't mean that

After Breaca left, Kirksey pointed out that Feivel had a short fuse leading to the following:

[pradtf] people with short fuses deserve to blow themselves up [imvegan] pradtf> what if he refuses? [pradtf] imvegan> then he is confused [imvegan] pradtf> so he must be fusetrated [pradtf] imvegan> stop fuse fusing him so much {fuse fusing = foo fooing} [imvegan] pradtf> your making too much of a fuse! (fuss) [pradtf] imvegan> you are adding fuselage to the fire! [imvegan] pradtf> are you talking about fusesil fuels? [pradtf] imvegan> now you are being fuelish

And that was about all Kirksey could endure and with the "I'm going to get with the vacuum cleaner" line, he took off. In fact, so did the rest of us.