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An unusually short but still interesting chat this week.

Fjord was in first 10 minutes before the chat started said "halode everybody" and took off.

Breaca came in a few minutes later and found that she was all alone however Rachel and Michael appeared within 3 seconds of each other and Breaca was no longer lonely.

Rachel talked about having her tonsils removed while Breaca talked about watching a concert on tv all of which was especially interesting since they were both talking to each other about these two rather unrelated topics simultaneously.

Kyron and I appeared just in time to hear that Rachel's bad dreams had stopped which was a good thing. However Breaca started talking about removing tonsils through the nostrils and removing other body parts the way the Egyptians used to. Then Rachel said the Egyptians used to scoop the brain out through the nose so I started wondering what sort of dreams she was going to have this time.

Breaca suggested that it must be male brains because a female brain would be too large to do that with. Rachel agreed and the two of them started to congratulate each other on their immense cleverness till I asked whether they were suggesting that girls are fatheaded as a result of the extra large brains, of course.

Before I could get any serious reactions to that comment, I brilliantly changed the subject to asking what Kirksey was doing and whether he was going to sleep again like he did last week. Rachel said that he wasn't allowed to till he finished his chores. I naturally asked if he was chortling about all this work, but as usual, it went unnoticed.

Then I told everybody about Yoda our baby rabbit. Rachel asked if rabbits can be litter trained which of course they can, but we haven't had to since they seemed to be naturally inclined to be neat and clean. Yoda, however, is a little chewing monster in that he ate through my mouse and speaker wires, which subsequently required soldering.

At the mention of speakers, Breaca's father and I had an indirect conversation about KEF, Castle, Mission and Vanderstein makes, through Breaca.

At some point, I mentioned how Rachel and David were picking on me, but since she denied it (David would have denied it too), I have to provide the link where this happened, just to make my case: 

The action starts with Rachel questioning my very eloquent depiction of the rather strange ritual of lip contact that homo sapiens seem to have developed over the past centuries.

Breaca then proceeded to blame one of her teachers for not being able to spell properly. Apparently, "he meant to put on my report i am appealing and he put appalling". Now, I leave it to the discretion of the readers, to determine the current state of education in Breaca's school, where teachers apparently have both the wit and the freedom to create ingenious puns such as this!

Sangeeta and Michael talked a bit about the book they were reading called the Da Vinci Code. Then Rachel said something about being so smart that she was actually stupid, which led me to reflect that "they do say that the line between genius and madness is a thin one". I suggested that it is ok to go mad, just so long as one didn't get angry.

We were then delighted by the first appearance of our newest member Tony (SirUlrich)! We eventually decided to call him Tony and not William, because it appeared as though he preferred it that way. Sangeeta didn't help matters much when she confused Tony with Josh, thinking that the former had an interest in epidemiology. Tony said that he couldn't even spell eppydemyologie and I think it would be safe to assume that he didn't have an interest in either, because all he could say afterwards was that his screen was flickering.

It would appear that Sangeeta was on a trend here, because when Michael and Ranjana were briefly talking about Les Miserables, she said "ya, im watching #1 it i think for the fourth time will realy love the 3rd one…anyhow i love all the scenes with aragorn, gandalf and arawen….", which is curious since none of these characters were put into the novel by Victor Hugo. (According to Ranjana, Sangeeta apparently mentioned Lord of the Rings, but I couldn't find anything of the sort, and neither will any of you, because the chatroom conversation gets erased every few days.)

I pointed out to Breaca that she and Kyron are serpents and she thought I was calling her a slimy snake, which of course I wasn't since snakes aren't slimy. As a result of this clarification, she "hisses and lays on her belly". The rest of Breaca's stay was occupied in understanding what it was to be a beautiful serpent in the Chinese calendar, which you may look up right here: (a site that Sangeeta and I simultaneously found)

and the Cat Stevens song Everything Is Beautiful, the words to which can be found here: (which is not the Chistina Aguilera one that has the word beautiful in it too)

We got into a discussion about beauty, after there was some commentary by Ranjana and Sangeeta as to who had been able to remove the most hair from my head, and I pointed out how trendy the whole idea is:

"for instance, in henry 8's time, women were required to be extremely fat and bulky" whereas "in elizabeth 1's time they were to be thin and pale" (I didn't go into how they made makeup in that time, with lead and pig urine, because I thought that no one would like to hear about the science behind it all).

It turned to be very fortunate that I didn't discuss any of this since Michael would soon head off for dinner at this time. Rachel took off too or was removed by Kirksey who appeared just in time to hear Breaca tell us about how they were in the midst of torrential rains. This was neat because a few days ago we experienced the strongest hailstorm I have ever seen! Breaca left at this point because it would have been risky to leave her computer on in this weather.

Kirksey told us of his progress with the massage business he was working on setting up. It isn't easy where he was located since most people are not into that kind of thing, but on the other hand it does give him a chance to start something unique.

I headed off to take a shower at this point and my absence was taken advantage of by Ranjana and Kirksey who made some comments to each other about this, thinking no doubt that I wouldn't see them, but obviously forgetting that I would when it was time to do the summary! However, ladened with guilt, Kirksey left or was removed by Rachel.

Ranjana, though, was quite deservedly much harder hit by her sinister deed (even Michael left her because of what she did though he tried to soften the blow by saying he was going to eat some kale salad) and while I was cleansing my body, she attempted to cleanse her conscience by writing Mother Teresa quotes which I'll repeat here for her benefit again:

"If you are humble nothing will touch you,neither praise not disgrace, because you know what you are.

Intense love does not measure; it just gives.

Speak tenderly to them. Let there be kindness in your face, in your smile,in the warmth of your greeting. Always have a cheerful smile. Don't give only your care but give your heart as well."

Well after only 3 quotes, Ranjana figured her penance had been done, so she started talking to Michael who had returned, about kale salad.

Meanwhile, Rachel popped in and out for a bit and told us about her science experiment through which she had found out that water can conduct electricity. Unfortunately, she had unintentionally used her own body to do this experiment, but she had survived and the experience certainly removed any boredom she might have been feeling at the time. I suggested that if she was still bored, then she could watch the terrific show, MacGyver, where the hero solves a lot of problems scientifically and doesn't electrocute himself.

Michael told Ranjana (but not Sangeeta, who was busy eating continuously) about some of the interesting things from the Da Vinci Code:

"The Priory of Sion is a secret organisation that is keeping the secret about the Holy Grail (historically not completely clear) …. But some of the masters (the highest in rank in the organisation) were …. Da Vinci, Victor Hugo, Claude Debussy and many others."

He provided this link where some of this is discussed:

For some reason, the link seemed to make Ranjana hungry and she left for her smoothie. Well, I left too and missed the return of Sangeeta who had finally finished eating, but seeing that the chatroom was empty, no doubt went back to eating again.

Then I thought I'd go back to get an early start on this summary and who should appear but Fjord! Kyron joined us and we had an interesting discussion about Crop Circles, those huge patterns that keep appearing all over the world in fields. Fjord has actually seen some of them! It is hard to say whether these are natural phenomenon, extraterrestial creations or outright hoaxes. Here is a link that Kyron has been using in researching all this:

Ranjana came on and the three of them had an interesting discussion about the trilobites family before departing, but I'm not going to tell anyone about it.