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The VeggieChess SatChat

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Finally, a shorter chat as several people were unable to attend.

However, Larry, Zoe, Kyron, Breaca and I were in there pretty quickly. Zoe greeted me with "How now brown cow", and though that took me completely by surprise I was still able to make the exceptionally original response of "mooooo".

Breaca, we were glad to learn, was feeling much better after a few days of illness last week, and she brought a father's day greeting with her. She also told us that ironman had offered her a draw which is quite something given his record, but Breaca is contemplating continuing the game because she feels that she may be in slightly better position.

Now it must be mentioned that after my little greeting to Zoe, she started mooing too. She mooed to Breaca, who mooed back, and Zoe gave her a moowho in return! Well, don't ask me! I don't orchestrate these chats!! Anyway, I concluded that Zoe was very happy which she acknowledged, but also said that she had broken her cd player: "i just broke it in the rain so i bashed it a bit to fix it and super broke it". However, before she could feel too bad about it, I reminded her that "to err is human, to forgive is bovine".

Larry sent me a picture of his family and I left to put it up on the family page. It is quite a wonderful picture with Larry, his wife Deborah, their son Jonathan, and their daughter Mae (who you may recall tried to sneak into the chat last week) and you can all see it here:

As Breaca put it "you look such a kind family"

Michael and Ranjana then entered though not in that order and were quite surprised to hear that Breaca had drunk the Atlantic ocean. For those of you who are concerned that Zoe now won't have a place to sail her ship, I must insist that you not worry. Breaca was only exaggerating and the Atlantic ocean is still as it was, but she did have to drink a lot of water this week as a result of her illness, but please understand that she is fine, the ocean is fine and Zoe sets sail in about 2 weeks.

Zoe is also in much better shape after seriously cutting her hand last week. She told Ranjana that she had a few scars, but she was healing well.

When Michael asked Breaca how she was, Breaca replied, "Im god thank you" and then corrected 'god' to 'good' and then added, "lucky prad didn't see my mistake". Well, prad was busy trying to get Larry's family pic up on the internet so he really didn't have a chance to see this mistake. Then Breaca told us a bit about the debate her class had about "Is God a woman?", but said that after a while the boys in her class got childish and the discussion flopped. Then she and Zoe engaged in a conversation that dealt with stickkkkkkkkkkky keys, glue ears, and prit sticks none of which I understood really because it was all British jargon and I wasn't around anyway - remember?

Breaca then turned the subject to something we could understand, tattoos, but I don't see why she couldn't have chosen tatones or tatthrees, so I will speak no more about this.

Ranjana wanted to know what animal friends everyone had and here is the census:

Larry - a cat named Jacob, a former stray Zoe - hopes to get a chinchilla when she returns next year Michael - a cat a ferret and a rat Breaca - dogs and horses and a brother

The discussion took us to parrots which are fortunately illegal unless bred within the country. Ranjana explained how parrots are taken out of their natural habitat, stuffed in bags and shipped overseas. The mortality rate is often over 95%, but 'worth it' for the poachers due to the high price of parrots. We had one such parrot for 2 years in our household. It had been sent around to various pet stores and was in terrible shape. Finally, thanks to the efforts of Animal Alliance in Toronto, Canada and actress Ally Sheedy ("Maid to Order", "Short Circuit"), he was brought to us. Unfortunately, though he seemed to improve over time, he died rather suddenly in 1995.

Zoe pointed out that the laws in UK are quite severe as far as selling 'illegal' pets - upto 3 years imprisonment.

We got to talking about the excellent game Breaca played against lioness who is a very strong player. It would be up on our games page, except Breaca is going to add some comments to my annotations. Now just to be nice, I told Breaca that I wouldn't mention that we have been waiting 6 weeks for those annotations. Ranjana said that it was nice of me not to mention the 6 weeks, but Breaca pointed out that everyone heard me say that and started blushing, so I had to make her feel much better by saying that I wouldn't mention how she got the satChat times all mixed up back in the early days of Veggiechess. Breaca went to hide under the table, no doubt feeling much better. Or so I thought, until 'looks up at big bad prad, then runs to sit next to Ranjana'. But then I knew everything was fine, because 'Breaca blows a kiss to prad and ranjana'.

Michael and Larry meanwhile were discussing game analysis and will work together on strategies and tactics during a game. We already have seen excellent progress in Ranjana's chess as a result of working with Michael for several months. In fact, Michael has been acknowledged for his 'veggiechessness' on our site: 

Well, Ranjana took this opportunity to sing the praises of Michael's tutoring and Michael reciprocated by noting what a good pupil she was and so on.

Rachel came in and asked about another dream. This time there was a rather rude talking tomato which called her an idiot, so she put it into a blender. Well, this dream wasn't sufficiently serious for her so she told us about her hair activities. Apparently, she had tried to dye her hair a little blonder, but had instead turned it rather yellow and naturally she was wondering how to get it back to her original colour.

Before I could make any astute and helpful suggestions I was called away to deal with a particular matter, so Rachel spoke of her camp adventures. When Ranjana and Michael asked her what she had learned, she mentioned " just a bunch of stuff about forgiving people, integrity, urm, sex, anger, family. i also learned i have mild road rage at times and sometimes am a bit scary on the road."

So then Kirksey switched with Rachel for a bit and mentioned that he was going to Kosovo "to help that area deal with terminally ill people" in the fall. Kirksey seemed concerned that there wasn't going to be a Starbucks in the area, but Zoe summed it all up by saying " it must be great to know that you are helping someone live alot better life".

Then a quick discussion of happiness began with Michael saying he had to go for dinner, Kirksey saying "happiness is a state of mind", Ranjana saying "happiness comes from within", and Zoe concluding " happiness is within the mind of the person to feel it and no material posession can grant you true happiness". Michael even came back from dinner to exclaim "YES !!" to this.

So Rachel obviously wanted to feel happy, because Kirksey said, "Well, you know who is giving me the evil eye and wants to get back on so I will say adios for now". She came back to ask if anyone had dated over the internet which somehow led to the information that Ranjana and I were married. Fortunately, I was not present for this discussion because I might have had something to say about it!

By the time I returned, I caught the tailend of the conversation. There was something about Ranjana knowing me since she was 4 (yes I acknowledge I am remarkably resilient) and Rachel saying that was scary since she knew this guy since he was 3 months old! So naturally I asked Rachel, "are you still trying to get married?" which immediately generated the response "PRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!" because it reminded her of the chat we had when dyl suggested she liked some fellow named Adam and some of us were concerned that she was going to marry him.

So to help Rachel out of trouble, I pointed out that everyone is not who they seem to be on the net and that Rachel might actually be 57 years old which got me a "i will hunt you down!" from Rachel.

I remedied the problem though by making a helpful suggestion after Rachel mentioned her yellow hair again which she followed with a "not a word" to me, no doubt because she didn't want to make me think to much about this difficult problem. Well, it didn't take me too long as I came up with a really simple and inexpensive solution "you could cut it all off then it would grow back original color". Realizing that Rachel might need some incentive here, I pointed out "you will look very wise if you have no hair bald people often convey that impression".

Rachel was concerned that wise bald people were all male, but I assured her that it was not the case because it is a very buddhistic appearance. She pointed out that she was a Christian, so I suggested that she could be a "bald buddhistic-like christian waiting for her hair to grow back". This rather helpful option was met with a "are you being difficult on purpose?"

Meanwhile, Zoe had figured out through another conversation that Kyron was not a second husband of Ranjana's, but was actually her and my son and that the 3 of us were sitting in the same room working off different computers. She also figured out that Sangeeta wasn't related to us, but Ranjana pointed out that Sangeeta was related in spirit as was Michael.

One obvious piece of evidence proving that Michael was definitely related in spirit was demonstrated when I had the great idea, inspired by all this baldness talk, to try to get David to shave his head since he was a buddhist. Michael's immediate response was three very happy faces in a row!

Zoe felt better because she now knew who was related to whom, but she also said "will you adopt me, i feel so lonely now". Ranjana said "ok" and I said "of course since we believe family is not so much of blood, but in the joy and respect we have for each other".

Rachel wanted to adopt Zoe too, so Ranjana suggested that we all share.

Everyone suddenly left leaving Rachel and me in the room. Rachel said she was going to get a new puppy (she really wanted to adopt someone), so I asked how that was going to help with her hair. She said, "i don't know. but i won't have to feed you or zoe now". I asked what she meant and she gave the following excellent answer, "well if i adopt you our grocery bill will go up which will mean less allowance and more chores."

Luckily, Breaca came back just at that moment to rescue me from that extremely clever response by Rachel! But Rachel was not so easily diverted as she suggested, "maybe breaca can adopt you"! As I have mentioned before, Rachel has an excellent sense of wit and articulation which show up in her forum posts on a regular basis!

The three of us talked for a bit about deception on the internet and I pointed out how easy that was. For instance, I told Breaca how just a little while ago Rachel "was trying to be a 57 yr old bald buddhistic christian" which generated another "PRAD!!!!!!!"

Breaca had returned to wish me a happy father's day and Rachel said that she had to go and spend father's day with Kirksey so she left. I talked with Breaca for quite sometime about RHP soaps, players, clan leadership and how so much more than chess happens on this site.

Kyron made a brief appearance and Breaca said "jello Kyron" instead of 'hello' and this seemed to greatly amuse both of them.

After Kyron left, Breaca and I discussed some of her games against the top RHP players. I pointed out that she has a great chance against any of them because she plays with such imagination. She was called away just then so I was left alone with only my imagination in the chatroom. Neither of us stayed long.

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2004 3:27 am by olav Prad, where do you guys chat, or is private? Let me know! Smile