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The VeggieChess SatChat

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Well, I really don't know how to tell you how this week's chat started because I wasn't there. But Kirksey was. Unfortunately, he isn't here to tell you, so I'll just have to reconstruct it as best I can.

So Kirksey enters the room all by himself and waits around for a whole 59 seconds before Ranjana shows up thinking it is Rachel. Naturally, this surprised Kirksey so much that he was speechless for several minutes and Ranjana thought that Rachel wasn't even there. Well, that's true isn't it, because Rachel really wasn't there (she was visiting friends), and it was really Kirksey who eventually informed Ranjana that he had gotten some soup out of the microwave. Ok so far so good.

Now for some reason, Ranjana thinks that Kirksey said he got his soup out of the universe. Please don't ask me. I haven't a clue! Kirksey was doing his best to adjust to the confusion Ranjana initiated, but was immediately assailed by a barrage of questions which he was barely able to answer!

Fortunately, he was saved in the middle of having to deal with this, because Breaca and Sangeeta entered, though not in that order. Sangeeta said hi to everyone, but Breaca felt she had to giggle and wave.

Kirksey then congratulated Breaca on being part of the Charlie's Angels clan at which she said she felt nervous and it had nothing to do with the fact that I appeared just then. Poor Breaca was concerned whether it was ok to be part of another clan. I assured her that it was and that I had even told Zoe (the clan captain) that I was glad she had someone as wonderful as Breaca in there. Ranjana told her that she always knew Breaca was an angel and I pointed out to Breaca that now, she had wings to match her Pegasus!

Breaca told us that she wished she were older (though she had to add not as old as prad), because then she would be allowed to post on the forums. I told her that it was just as well because there were some very unscrupulous posters around like Kirksey, who had just recently decimated poor rwingett from the FreeThinkers clan. Breaca immediately went to Kirksey's defense saying that he was so nice. Kirksey took full advantage of this injection of sympathy to claim that I was just as guilty of goading the hapless rwingett and Ranjana, of course, just had to back him up on that too. Well, what could I do but give in to such overwhelming numbers - after all, this is a democracy! It is true, I have to admit! Kirksey and I worked flawlessly together, bringing the unfortunate rwingett nearly to tears, but it was really for his own good as you will see right here:

In fact, Kirksey has changed the Apostles' motto after all this to "survival of the wittiest", which is delightfully reminiscent of the one the FreeThinkers pride themselves on using "survival of the fittest".

The forums are really in better shape now than they have been for quite a while. Unfortunately, the moderators only hide posts. Breaca suggested that they might just ban violators and my feeling is that if they did that even only for a couple of weeks at a time, things would be cleaned up very quickly.

At this point, Breaca said her long suffering father wanted to use the computer so we invited him to the chat. He appeared and awarded us all a medal of patience, which caused Breaca to blush and promptly disappear.

Gary showed up at this very moment as a single entity for the first time, but all he could say to Sangeeta was "hey prad! How's things?". Well neither Sangeeta nor I really knew what to say to him and so we were left nearly speechless. Gary recognized the error of his ways asked for forgiveness, but instead we pointed out to him that we were both dragons! This confused him further and he tried to talk to Kirksey, so we told him that Kyron and Breaca were both serpents! Now really worried, he tried to communicate with Ranjana, but to no avail, because she exited the chatroom. We continued with Ranjana being a dog and Michael being a rabbit. I don't know what was going through Gary's head, because out of sheer desparation he told us that he was "blundering about in the darkness with little or no idea what is going on..", so we explained that these were the creatures we were linked to in the Chinese calendar. As it turned out, Kirksey is a very handsome rooster, while Gary himself has wound up being a horse with uncommon sense!

And who should appear just then, but another dragon in the form of Ray! Kyron who had been wandering in and out of the chatroom several times happened to be out at this moment and so wasn't able to talk Linux with Ray, till he wandered back in, at which time he did. So Ray started talking to Sangeeta just as Lori showed up. Sangeeta was able to tell both of them about her talk to a school assembly involving 400 kids followed by 8 panel discussions afterwards! The event was a tremendous success and several students resolved to goVeg afterwards upon learning about the plight of animals as well as the dangers that consumption of animal proteins present.

We learned that Lori is a painter specializing in sky and flowers. I was intrigued at what would make her do that and received this answer, poetic in its simplicity: "I guess, I just think that they are too beautiful not to enjoy."

So Kyron came in, and Kirksey took off to do the laundry, just in time to hear Gary telling Lori about the potential attack he survived from a ladybug. Lori kept her cool and just told him to call poison control.

Lori also told us that they did AR tabling for Earth Day and generally people were quite receptive. Everyone seems to love stickers - Lori feels it must have something to do with the glue! However, one student took a sticker and ripped it up right in front of her! I have a feeling this extraordinarily mature individual will soon be the proud recipient of numerous PETA stickers!

Kyron left the chatroom just then because he crashed his browser, but then decided to leave the room too. He did come back at some point, but I have lost track when and where. It worked out fine because Ray had left too for his own reasons, but he came back shortly to announce that he was back. Possibly inspired by what Ray was going to say, Lori announced that she was going to leave in order to change rabbit litterbins.

Ranjana, despite her interest in any thing communicative, chose to change the subject and ask Ray about Marsha. Then followed a very strange exchange in which Ray told her that Marsha was waving at him with wet hands, while washing her hair, which Ranjana thought was very nice, but Ray couldn't understand why, but eventually did, but I certainly didn't and still don't, so if you do, please don't try to explain it to me, because I have lost track of the meaning of this sentence, let alone what the original exchange was really all about.

Now while everyone was trying to decipher this cryptography, I was pointing out what a great thread was developing as a result of Dissident Dan's Animal Rights/Animal Liberation post. In it we should be able to actually look at the philosophies that form the foundations to animal rights:

This got Ray to mention that he wished we had a better system for tracking posts on RHP. Possibly, if there were a way to flag the threads of interest, it would be easier to find them in the future. This is an excellent idea and may be worth suggesting to Russ, considering the excellent quality of some of the posts.

Ranjana suddenly suggested that we had all put Michael to sleep, but Michael immediately denied that fact and thus simultaneously verified the truth of his denial.

Lori returned wondering what she had missed and we talked a bit about Dissident Dan who some of us had encountered on the physics forums where he had impressed us with his excellent posts. Lori thought he was very intelligent for his age, and I concurred in that he was really getting on in years since he was already in his early twenties. It turns out that Sangeeta met with him when she was in Florida.

I disappeared for a while at this point to solve an important problem with Sangeeta, but some of the others took advantage of my absence to do strange things. For instance, Ranjana told everyone that I had gone to solve an important problem with Sangeeta, but that she herself was still here. This strange statement of hers, generated an even stranger response from Ray: "snort Huh? Wha'? No, I was, um, praying. Yeah, that … is what I was doing." Lori responded to this by saying she was glad to know that someone else was alive, but we don't really know who she was referring to. If Andrew hadn't fortunately shown up just then, who knows what those three would have continued!

Anyway, Lori took off at this point with a suspiciously French sounding 'au revoir' as Andrew told Ranjana that he's been on the road visiting hospitals. He soon had to leave, but Ray and Ranjana had gotten down to doing some serious talking finally, this time regarding irritating tennants. Ray has some who are fortunately leaving. Michael took this opportunity to talk about his difficulties trying to sell his car in Austria which apparently took more than half a year because people who made the appointments to see it didn't show up.

I, fortunately, returned just in time to hear the diabolical plot Gary and Ray were scheming. It was their intention to introduce a continuous stream of topics into the chat next week to keep me busy writing the summary: "football, rugby, macrame, nuclear proliferation, organic farming, geo-social politics, irrigation methods in sub-saharan climates, correct use of the word 'the' in the English language." They wisely chose to forgo their plan when I resolved to copy and paste the entire chat session into the SatChat forum!

In fact, it was too much for Ray to handle and he left uttering another suspiciously French sounding phrase even incorporating Lori's 'au revoir' to which he deftly added a 'la semaine prochaine'. Gary was obviously impressed so he expressed his multilingual approval with 'a bientot' as Ray left. Now that was decent of him to call Ray a good young child for his efforts, since as everyone knows 'tot' is English for 'young child' and 'bien' is French for 'good' and 'a' has a good chance of being an 'a' regardless of the language, right?

I had an understandably short talk with Gary regarding abbreviations in which he wondered why the word abbreviations was so long. Gary in addition to his numerous talents, not the least of which is making astute observations, is starring in a movie too! However, he soon started talking about balsamic vinegar and salads, which proved to be too much for Ranjana and Michael both of whom promptly took off thinking about food.

Gary and I discussed the possibility of starting a 'thought and language' thread along the lines of our earlier discussions, but then he had to leave too.

So there I was all alone in the chatroom and just about to leave, when who should suddenly appear, but Dyl! Well, it wasn't quite as simple as that, because Dyl didn't say anything for the longest time. In fact, I was starting to think I was imagining all this, that I was dylerious! But then he spoke and Ranjana came back to greet him. Dyl told us that it was 4am and that he had managed to be a bit late, but we told him not to be concerned since he had missed the chat start time by only 3 hours - he was just a bit dylayed. However, when Ranjana concluded that time is for the birds after all, I had to ask her if she said that, because time flies.

Now Dyl was starting to get a little concerned and started talking about his ski vacation, so I had to point out that he had skidaddled. Ranjana got very concerned for Dyl at this point and told me to stop it, but Dyl went on to tell us about the exciting things they had done on vacation like put a hole in the wall of the place they were staying at. They fixed it all up though, so Ranjana had to say something like "all's well that ends well" which meant that I had to say something like "i think you mean all's wall that's done wall".

This last one seemed to generate the following curiousity from Dyl: "you've finally done it prad, my sense of humour just packed its bags and left". And Ranjana seemed very moved by it too since she said to Dyl: "i wish i could do that .. but I live with him."

Nevertheless, I showed my concern, since I knew it was very late for Dyl, with: "did the wall pun floor you?", which generated an even greater curiousity from him: "urrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". It is possible his keyboard was getting sticky.

We started talking about eggless omelettes and I offered to put a recipe on our website. I didn't know if Dyl thought I meant it, so I told him I wasn't yolking or eggagerating either. At this moment, Dyl made the following heavenly comment: "oh dear god, he doesn't stop!"

Ranjana agreed with Dyl, saying that I "always go to such eggstremes!" I told her we all deserved "a standing ovulation", while Dyl pointed out that "it's just one pun after the nest". Seeing that we all understood what had happened, I reassured both of them that " it isn't too bird once you get into it" while Ranjana agreed by saying that "we'll just keep winging it", after which, feeling she had made her contribution, she said good bye.

Dyl and I talked on a bit about chessboards, since he was keen on buying a high quality one and I suggested one from Franklin Mint: 

A chess set's beauty lingers even when the game is not being played!

We talked a bit more about chess, but then we both left.

So nearly 3 hours later, Lori returns to the chatroom only to realize that she hasn't met Dyl before and says: "hmm, I'm going to read the summary and hopefully find out who this mystery person is.."

A couple of hours after that I start figuring out this summary, but forget to exit when dinner time rolls around. So when I return, I find out that while I am downstairs eating, Ray comes back and sees that I am still 'in' the chatroom, but not answering. I hope you didn't think I was being rude, Ray - it is just as well i didn't talk with my mouth full!

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2004 12:56 pm That summery was most entertaining!! The whole egg/chicken joke sincorperated with those sentense we're 'cracking' me up!! LMAO! Very Happy haha! Razz But my question still stands, whos Dyl?? lol Confused