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The VeggieChess SatChat

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So this was our strangest chat. First of all it wasn't the SatChat, but was supposed to be the SunChat. However, since I can't change the heading what we have to do is come up with another reason for calling it the SatChat. I thought we could still call it that by pointing out that we all 'sit' during the chat and thence we have 'sat' and therefore 'SatChat'.

I am open to other ideas, but this issue really must be cleared up as fast as possible as you will see in the next paragraph!

So what happened? Well to start with, Ranjana, Sangeeta, Rachel (now Remora91) and even Prad show up on Saturday at different times! Then Sunday rolls around and Andrew arrives just in time to say that he is too early! After he leaves, Sangeeta also shows up too early and starts to meditate under the auspicies of Fjord's nice chatroom paint job! Then Ranjana shows up too early as well, but Sangeeta says "hahaha! i see you!" and finally contact is made!

By the time I arrived, there was nothing I could do about it and so I had to talk to Sangeeta and Ranjana, however, even that didn't work out because Ranjana left for a while.

So Sangeeta was writing a zen story about washing floors for her profile at another website and it turned out really well so I encourage you to take a look here:

Do not be disturbed that she appears to be 2 years older there than she does on our family page, because she filled all this out when she was in Boston after going there from Philadelphia where she was at a movie shoot. In that, she plays the part of a 15 year old student (well she is in charge of the project, so I suppose she can play whatever part she wants to), so I totally understand if you get confused. The project (a humane educational video for schools) , however, is progressing magnificently from what I have heard.

Sangeeta offered to help me write the SatChat this week, but we couldn't figure out when she would have time to do so since she was hectically jetsetting between Norfolk, Boston and Philadelphia over the next few days. So we thought we would write it during this chat! This is a very interesting recursive idea rather reminiscent of Escher's drawings. If you are unfamiliar with these you can go here: 

and take a look at some of his fascinating stuff!

However, we never got around to doing this because we were interested in reading the posts in the it's my god because… thread:

Sangeeta has a beautiful post there as does our other Ray (Redlentils).

So after that Sangeeta left to see the Einstein exhibit at the Boston museum.

I left as well, but then Andrew shows up 49 seconds later to say 'hello?' followed by 'rats!' and left so, even though Ranjana and I called desparately after him, he could not be recovered.

You think this is the end of it don't you? It isn't!

I left the chatroom, but Ranjana hung around for another 20 minutes hoping Andrew would return, but he didn't so she left.

You think this really has to be the end of it don't you? It isn't!

Miraculously, 18 minutes 23 seconds after Ranjana vacated, who do you think entered the empty chatroom? You are right! Andrew returns to say 'double rats!' and then leaves.

Now you are certain that it is all over! It isn't!

Unbelievably, 8 hours 16 minutes 34 seconds after Andrew has departed, Ray (rgoudie) comes to the chatroom and says absolutely nothing.

Now it just has to be over! It isn't!

Incredibly, 2 days after the chat should have ended, I entered the chatroom to write all this up! And for your information, I am still in here as I conclude this final sentence!!

posted by rgoudie: I did attempt to leave a message, but it did not appear. I even tried /last 400, but this did not work either. I suspect something to do with Netscape, which I have been using since Thursday. -Ray from prad: it may have been a browser problem ray. i just copied and pasted that command and it works fine as far as i can tell.