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The VeggieChess SatChat

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This week's chat started with me talking to myself since there wasn't anyone else in the chatroom. This exercise didn't appeal to me greatly so I left.

Soon some others arrived and began to talk to themselves, but the activity, for some reason, did appeal to them.

Fjord informed us that his grandson Orin is playing in a chess tournament. Orin is very keen on the game and is interested in learning the openings now!

Fjord also told us that Pericles, his cockatiel friend, had a confrontation with a sheep dog and had saved herself by making herself extremely large. However, she had been somewhat traumatized and wasn't feeling that well. Hopefully, she will recover soon.

Sangeeta called to let us know that she would be late in arriving. She was also busy following the events of the Bacon situation. The auction for Bacon the pig is this Saturday at 7pm est. For some details see

Kirksey replaced Rachel at this point and more talk regarding Pericles ensued. Fjord said she had been to the vet who really couldn't find anything wrong with her. Fjord said he would be patient, prompting Michael to ask if he meant paytient.

The discussion moved to bird behaviour, prompting me to point out the eccentricities of our very strange cockatiel, Luther, who has been with us for 14 years in all his strangeness!

Kirksey and I talked about events taking place on the RHP forums which have certainly gotten more interesting since the introduction of the debates section. No doubt this discussion got him even more interested, because he immediately took off to post in the debates section I presume.

Suddenly Ullichamp arrived because Michael had invited him last week. However, Michael had fallen asleep by now so it didn't do Ullichamp any good. As a result, Ullichamp had to settle for knowing how to create smiley faces in the chatroom and then left.

Fjord suddenly told us that spagate means fork which I found very interesting because it sounds a lot like spaghetti which you can eat with a fork and can spell as spagati if you really wanted to.

Fjord didn't seem too interested in this observation, but after I indicated that Kyron and I were thinking of giving Gentoo linux another try, it proved to be too much for him and he left immediately! A few moments later we found out that he had really left because he crashed his computer - he had come all the way back to tell us and continued to stay because he didn't crash his computer again.

Sangeeta arrived just in time to agree with Fjord that Gentoo sounds like a bird. She also told us that there was a very good chance that Bacon would be saved!

Sangeeta then engaged Fjord in a most uninteresting and irrelevant discussion regarding my past which both seemed to delight in, but fortunately, Gary arrived just in time to direct attention elsewhere - specifically, the fact that he was having trouble getting into the chat room again, just like last week.

Fjord watched the proceedings with some amusement, I think, and then wondered whether VeggieChess could provide his other clan, HCPS, with a forum till they get their own website. I explained that we possibly could in this situation, even though in the past we have given these only to the winners of the VeggieChess Goad to be Friendly competition (which was actually inspired by Breaca):

Sangeeta at this point stated she didn't have any idea what we were talking about, but when I asked her, why she didn't, she was completely at a loss for words. However, Gary, who had managed to finally find his way into the chatroom, wasn't at a loss for words, because he stated that he didn't have any idea what we were talking about either and so I had to explain everything!

I also tried to generate some sympathy for myself, but that didn't work too well, because the conversation degenerated into who was being picked on by whom. Fortunately, I was successful in winning this competition, because I was able to declare that Ranjana has been picking on me since the early 1960s!

Gary and Fjord wanted to pick on me then and there, I think, but didn't after I pointed out that I needed some material for this SatChat summary.

At this point, a classic exchange ensued between Fjord who said his grandma said "Was sich neckt liebt sich" followed by Gary who said "sounds like she had a sore throat".

Ray emailed me at this point indicating that he was too swamped with work to come to the chat today.

Gary proceeded to engage in some name calling, but Fjord pointed out that "When you tease someone, you love that person". Unfortunately, Ranjana jumped in and threatened to use that against Kyron and myself.

Andrew appeared but didn't say anything for a while so Fjord left and then Sangeeta did as well. Andrew then said he had just come by to say hello and left as well.

Well now there were only 3 of us in the room, but Ranjana wasn't really paying attention, because she was thinking about her smoothie. As a result, Gary had to be serious and told me some very interesting stories about his travels in Europe. It is really rather neat how you can go from country to country just by driving a little bit. He plans one day to drive along the pacific coast in the US.

Ranjana left for her smoothie after this so Gary and I continued talking about the political situation in what used to be the USSR. This got us into a potentially fascinating discussion regarding why people don't seem to work together for mutual betterment. Some of the ideas are very well illustrated in some of the episodes of Star Trek and particularly The Next Generation series which we both like very much. Unfortunately, I had to depart at this point, but hope to continue this discussion with Gary possibly next week!