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The VeggieChess SatChat

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Pretty big turnout this week and a long chat too!

Michael, Ranjana and Sangeeta started it off discussing the latest information regarding Bacon, the pig some students are trying to save from slaughter. Here is the thread on RHP on this:

The discussion continued as Dyl (who just got home from work) and Rachel arrived. Rachel told us that Kirksey was in Louisville at his best friend's wedding.

Sangeeta and Rachel started talking and for some reason Ranjana informed the latter that the former would be back in half an hour because she's taking a cat to the vet. Yes I know this sounds very confusing. Think about how Rachel felt. Think about how Sangeeta felt wondering where she really was. Think about how I felt when I was informed that Ranjana had broadcast this information, because I had told her to!

It turned out that Sangeeta had already taken the cat to the vet and she was fine. The cat was too and was apparently just lonely because her 'mommy' had been away for 2 months.

Then I entered the chatroom - yes I know this is very confusing - and was thoroughly confused like everyone else when Ranjana wanted to run paper through a sewing machine, but I was able to explain that she was making perforations on raffle tickets for the big fundraiser tonight!

Then Rachel announced that she had beaten all the boys in her class in basketball and received a round of applause! Andrew entered at roughly that point in time but was just a bit too late to share in the applause.

Then the strangest thing happened! A Gary appeared followed by a GaryMin. This set everyone aspeculating except me, because I knew who had arrived, but just not which one was the real one. Michael, who had not brought any tofu much to the distress of Bear (who hadn't arrived yet), naturally thought that Kasparov had joined our chat, but since Gary nor GaryMin would say anything, it was never clear.

While Dyl, Rachel and Sangeeta plotted pig rescue strategies, I went to find both Gary and GaryMin who for some reason was hopping around from chatroom to chatroom. Then both of them completely disappeared, but fortunately, I didn't.

Then Ranjana revealed a fascinating chess strategy that she really didn't use, but still worked for her. She was playing this game and was taking a few days between moves (nowhere close to her timelimit), but her opponent kept sending her reminders. We thought it was because he was being nice, but then she realized that it was because he was actually trying to hurry her. Well, it seemed that he was concentrating so much on sending her reminders, that he overlooked a mate in one against himself. In her other game with him, he has not sent a single reminder yet, so it appears that Ranjana will not be able to use the strategy she did not use for that game in this game.

Ranjana, Michael and Dyl apparently then formed a team called 'Short Term Memory Loss' to utilize this strategy, but I can't remember anything about it.

We then found out that Andrew hadn't been saying anything because he was making chess moves, but since he continued to do so, we didn't learn anymore.

Then Gary who was lost, suddenly entered the chatroom. We were very glad to see him, since this was his first chat with us! Gary calls himself GaryMinford on RHP and posts using bold, italic, and even bold italic which was an innovation I learned from him!

Suddenly, out of the blue, Dyl thanks me and I have no idea why so I reply with a series of question marks and he has no idea why I did that and I can't remember if we ever figured it all out eventually.

Then followed a short discussion about the posting antics of a certain member of RHP whose name shall not blemish our forums and thankfully it ended soon. However, on a similar note, one wonders whether we should make a stronger effort to maintain an appropriate level of decency on the RHP forums.

While I showed Gary how to use the green laughing emoticon, Dyl gave us the inside story of the intracasies of the word 'boofhead' which interested Andrew so much that he stopped making moves and provided us with a link regarding that word! This counterinterested Dyl to the point that he made a general announcement!

There was a little talk about marino which became merino which became marina who was someone whom I taught math to, but fortunately, Bear entered just in time so I didn't have to remember what I was talking about or that Michael announced how in the small country of Austria, he never had a girlfriend called Marina.

Then Ray showed up and that brought Kyron into the chatroom as well and again a massive conversation on Linux ensued.

Gary disappeared for a moment because he said that duty called, but Dyl misunderstood him and the two of them engaged it a fascinating discussion about reconfiguring the molecular structure of one's shorts while Andrew and Ranjana dicussed the impact of technology on hospital administration.

Then Andrew left and Michael left as Gary and Dyl started to exchange puns, but Fjord arrived. Ranjana apologized to him for taking so long to move, so Fjord asked if he should move for both of them. Little did he know that Ranjana was setting the 'Short Term Memory Loss' strategy, but since she didn't either, it was fine.

Dyl then left because he finally got sleepy and Kyron did as well because he was going to take the rabbits out but not to the cinema or dancing as Gary thought. Ranjana left as well inviting everyone to come to the fundraiser dance, so Gary took this opportunity to leave as well.

Fjord wondered about when his opponent was going to return to play, but since it didn't look like he was, he probably wasn't. Then he asked about the Grob opening, but since I didn't know much about it, I thought I'd leave him with Bear who hadn't even heard of it.