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The VeggieChess SatChat

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The largest (11) and longest (4hrs) chat yet!!

It all started with an intercontinental music debate featuring Rachel, Dyl and Breaca the resolution of which is still forthcoming.

Ray and Sangeeta talked about her circus protests leading to surprising information about the World Wildlife Federation who are not as animal friendly as thought to be (see

We were delighted by reizen's 1st appearance at our chat - Andrew & Ranjana engaged in a discussion about healthcare and Andrew's role in helping hospitals make better decisions. For those of you who don't know, Ranjana is involved in supporting caregivers (

By now, Bear was getting hungry so as soon as he saw Michael, he shouted 'tofu' not once, but four times and disappeared. Then he returned again and again till there were 3 of him (yes I know this is somewhat confusing). In fact, some people could bearly understand what was happening because they couldn't get their bearings and found the situation to be rather unbearable and embearrassing. Fortunately, I was able to point out that all was not lost because we only needed a Goldilocks since we already had three bears.

Fjord gave us something to look forward to in the form of his talented 9 year old grandson who will be joining our family and the clan! I believe when this happens, Veggiechess will have the youngest and the oldest (Garth at 83) members on RedHotPawn!

Ray, Fjord and I discussed ratings on the site and started to examine RedHotPawn's calculation algorithm, but then Ray realized that he was still at work and I realized that I had been at the chat for the whole 4 hours and we both realized that others had left so we took off suddenly realizing that Fjord was still in there. We hope he had an enjoyable time having that entire chatroom to himself!

addendum: i have just been informed (Sunday morning) by Fjord that he took this opportunity to paint the chatroom!

Posted by Fjord: Where is the end of this? I suggest an relay. With members all around the world it is not so difficult to hand over the baton 24 hours a day. Dyl will be delighted. Fjord P.S. And I can tell now from own experience: being on your own in the chatroom can be quite satisfying too. No one is contradicting you. (Except when you triple like LittleBear)