... with you on your journey


A gentle poem reflecting the desire in all of us to fly with grace.


Last night I dreamt of a bluebird
A beautiful warm hue of blue
You keep dancing into my reality
Bluebird do you I know you?

Your feathers velvety smooth
You flew gracefully up above
Winding and twisting joyously
For you I felt such love


As a child I had a bike called Bluebird
Which I loved to ride all day
I liked the film called Bluebird
And the magical adventure they take

Different people have begun to use
The metaphor of calling me a bird
People who have not met each other
What is the message I have heard?

When I just had written the last verse
I received an email from a friend
In which they called them self a night bird
To synchronicity there is no end

Bluebird what are you telling me?
What would you like to say?
Last night I watched you softly
Revel in your play

As you glided over me
My heart whispered this line
If I was a bird I would want to be you
Splendid and divine

Bluebird sing your song
Life is on your side
You cannot get it wrong
Fly forever dignified

You are delicate and gentle
Graceful and free
Yet the strength to fly dynamic and high
Could that be me?


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