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What we are?

The Animal Conservation and Welfare Foundation (ACWF) was created to balance the urgent animal conservation issues with animal welfare.

Animal conservation organizations often don't include animal welfare issues and the same goes for animal welfare NGO's, so this organization is designed to bring the two issues together to benefit the animals.

The ACWF is a sister organization of Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals (CATCA), which is based in Canada and has been working for over 23 years for the animals at an international level.

Our sister organization webpage link is:

The ACWF is a continuation of our international animal work as CATCA.

What is the ACWF mission?

One main goal is to help stop the mass slaughter of African elephants for their ivory tusks, the seal hunt for their fur and Omega 3 oil, the brutal killing of sharks worldwide for their fins, exposing the ruthless wildlife e-trade, so on, before all these magnificent animals go down the path toward extinction.

It is also very important for us to get the animals protected by animal welfare legislations, to avoid their unnecessary suffering caused by humans, or by the lack of adequate laws or local/national enforcement authorities that fail to protect them as living beings.

How do we work to achieve this?

Mostly we work influencing decision makers at national and international levels and through education.

We work very hard to learning all the facts on each animal issue before we take action, in order to be effective and bring some positive results to the animals.

Who we are?

Our Board of Directors is formed with well known animal welfare and animal conservation people, with decades of experience in these issues.

Our President has more than three decades of experience dealing with animal conservation and animal welfare issues.

She has worked in Europe and North America and her current projects and campaigns are:

  • In the animal conservation area, for the African elephants, exposing the internet trade of wildlife in Latin America, against whaling and for the protection of the Polar bears.
  • In the animal welfare area, our president is a champion in fighting against the commercial seal hunt in Canada. In 2007, she and her Canadian NGO CATCA launched a massive international campaing with the 27 European Union countries, lobbying each one of those governments in person in her three Seal Tours in Europe. Her lobbying and her colleagues effort in this campaign played an important role in achieving the EU ban on the import trade of seal products, that was implemented in 2010 and which is literally killing the brutal Canadian comercial seal hunt.
  • Our President is also the Coordinator of the International Save Yupi Campaign, to relocate to a better facility Yupi the Polar bear, that is suffering from the heat and sun in an improper zoo facility in Morelia, Mexico.
  • We are also working to ban the bullfights and creating awareness about zoos and aquariums.

Where we are?

We are based in Poznan, Poland in Central Europe.

Since we already deal with many animal issues all over Europe, it was just a matter of time until we had our HQ there. For that purpose, we chose Poznan as our strategic HQ for our animal work in Europe.