Welcome to VeggieChess

Newest additions to this site include

  • the results of the Goad to be Friendly competition!!
  • the Veggiecarta (our clan's official document)
  • our VeggieChess family profiles (now we are quite a few!)
  • the goVeg! section (a mini website in itself!)

You will find the following on this site:

Chess Planysis
An attempt to look at how to plan and analyze in chess.

Random Acts of VeggieChessNess
Wonderful deeds and this page brings them to you!

These are mostly games played and annotated by VeggieChess members.

Profiles with pictures are on this regularly updated page!

The official VeggieChess guidelines and application.

Our own contributions to help you become vegetarian.

The background image for this site depicts the clash of two opening systems well known to all the VeggieChess clan members in which the Carrot-Can defense takes on the King's Onion Attack. See the full artistic rendition of this classic encounter by clicking here.

VeggieChess wishes to extend our warmest gratitude to Chad, Taylor and Mary of GoldToken.com. Their dedication, kindness and integrity make it a joy for all of us to play on this great site.

Great links!

correspondence chess and much more at GoldToken.com!!
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