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002 The Rikster

Riky the dog goes by a variety of names like Riky-Tiky or Rikle-Tickle-Pickle. He seems to be a black rotweiller-labrador-shepherd cross. This story lends itself best to his identity of being the Rikster. When we went to get him from the shelter, every dog was trying to get through the gate in their enclosure. It is sad to see the hope in each one's eyes, knowing that all but one will be disappointed.

Anti Supplements? Why?

[Our thanks to Debbie Took for allowing reprinting from her original blog.] Let's start with the disclaimer. Not a doctor. Not a dietician. Not a biochemist. Not a 'raw food guru'. Just a raw food coach who blogs. In fact, I don't even possess a chemistry O-level. As with any blog article, this article represents my personal opinion (together with the opinions of others working in the health field, including a raw food guru or two!

How to Lose All the Weight You Want and Keep It Off

Obesity is excessive accumulation of body fat. The study of fat and of obesity, is known as bariatrics. Fat is a pathological accumulation of unwanted tissue in the body. Obesity is a state of disease. Less than 5% of patients who lose weight by traditional medical approaches keep their weight off indefinitely. Surgery for weight-loss is dangerous. Many (of these weight-loss) patients suffer problems associated with surgery that include infection, urinary stones, liver failure and heart failure.

Ode to Pericles

Now, little Pericles Won't you come a bit closer, please? And whisper softly in our ear Those sweet phrases we long to hear "Baby", " Hi", and "Where are you?" Surely that's not all you can do! Oh yes, "Hi ho, Hi ho" As you rightly know Is our very favorite. We listen, we moan, we savour it Whenever you bless us with that tune Sadly we wonder why you stop so soon.

Winter of the Soul

Pieces die off that are no longer needed Tears of revelation cleanse my soul Release aspects with which I once pleaded As they wither away I let them go Things become barer and more plain But the chill that winter is thought to have Remains outside the window of my perception As I'm warmed by the fire with reason to be glad Branches are snapping but beneath the earth Roots are deepening and spreading The snow outside is a stunning landscape A mirror of where I am heading