"I think the time has come to make it clear that nonviolence is the only way, the proper way, to solve the problems among humanity."

Dalai Lama


Strategic Advocacy & Media

Your guide to successful campaigns for global transformation

Our Vision

Strategic Advocacy & Media seeks to empower organizations to bring social-political transformation to our world - supporting the emergence of a new paradigm which advances human rights protections, increases democracy, honors the worth and dignity of all living beings and supports wellness on an individual, community and global level.


Develop issue and news media campaigns

  • Lead strategizing, planning and goal setting
  • Develop lobbying and organizing strategy
  • Train staff and coalition members in cutting edge media approaches
  • Utilize extensive media techniques to build public support, coalition support and enact policies

Enhance effectiveness of news media coverage

  • Utilize proven techniques to expand issue and organizational news coverage
  • Implement effective communication strategies and plans

Lead key campaign components

  • Develop materials, research & write reports
  • Lobby and testify before local, state and federal legislative bodies
  • Carry out other campaign elements such as generating news coverage, organizing news events and training staff on effective advocacy techniques


  • Aims to cut client expenses and improve results by providing training and expert assistance for staff who may not have extensive advocacy or media experience
  • Assists clients to develop and carry out a comprehensive advocacy plan to seize the greatest opportunities for success
  • Utilizes a team approach in your organization or coalition to insure quality results


Fees are determined on a project basis taking into consideration factors such as the type of organization, the scope of the campaign, the level of training and assistance needed. Please callor write for a free consultation.

campaign expertise

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