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Happy Easter Dear Emma

Today, Easter Sunday, we are celebrating life with our real Easter Bunny named Emma. It was just about one year ago on a cold and rainy day I decided to venture off into a rough part of town to check on a dog who seemed to be neglected. While driving in a downpour I asked myself why on earth I was going into a rough neighborhood to pretend to be interested in getting a dog that I had no intention of adopting. Several times I attempted to turn back, but the car seemed to have a mind of its own and kept pushing onward toward our destination. Upon arriving I was greeted by a large and disgruntled woman who led me into her tiny backyard. She brought the dog to me who was frantic from lack of exercise and kept running in circles around me. I noticed a group of small boxes and inquired as to what they were. Mary, the woman, told me that they contained rabbits. I asked her to lift up the wooden doors so that I could see them and I was shocked to see rabbits of all different breeds in tiny wire cages with no amenities whatsoever. One in particular was cowering and shaking staring at me with a plea for help. When I told Mary that I saw no food, water or bedding and was concerned of the rabbits trembling, she said they would get a few pellets and some water at the end of the day. I asked why they had no bedding or hay and her response was they were breeders not pets. When she shut the door to the cages I felt sick that once again they were in the dark and cold in complete isolation. I drove home and did not sleep for 2 nights as I could not get the vision of these terrified rabbits out of my head. Finally I called Mary and asked if I could adopt the little gray bunny who was trembling so. She yelled that she was a breeder and paid good money for her. I offered her more than she paid and picked her up the next day. I felt guilty as though I was supporting a mill, but I had to save this precious little rabbit. Having never had a rabbit before, I didn't know exactly what she needed, but after looking on line had everything ready for her when she arrived at her new home. We had her spayed, litter trained her and she now sleeps on a soft bed compared to wire, has full run of the house and is a companion to our dogs and cats. She has not been in a cage since after the first week we brought her home. She lives life to the fullest and entertains us daily with her ballet leaps and spins and her hilarious antics. She was 2 years old when she came to live with us and her past life has finally vanished. She is no longer timid or anxious and greets us every morning with love and joy. So today we say Happy Easter to our dear little Emma who will live out her life free of oppression and dominance and will continue to be the bunny she was meant to be.

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