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Do we have the right?

Yesterday, while shopping at a major supermarket, I kept noticing obese women with shopping carts filled from top to bottom with every type of meat. One woman had sausage, bacon, hot dogs, chicken, bologna, pot roast, spare ribs, and pork chops in her cart; these were just the animals that I had a chance to observe, there may have been more mangled corpses. I seldom shop anywhere other than our Natural Outpost, but I needed a few items that this store carries for a lesser price and it is located nearby. As I walked down aisles jam packed with people with over flowing baskets of meat and junk food, I had almost an uncontrollable urge to start talking animal rights. I wanted to interview people and ask them if they had any idea of how the meat they were purchasing arrived to the store all neatly wrapped in plastic. I thought I should tell them of the suffering of animals, the impact on the environment, and the devastating affect eating meat has on their health. There were also many women wearing fur coats and fur items. Are these women aware of the suffering of animals for their vanity? As an animal activist do I have to wait for an appropriate time to present itself for me to inform people of the horrors of factory farming and slaughterhouses? How can I stand by and watch people fill their bags, carts and bellies with unimaginable suffering and say nothing? Do we as animals activists need a platform to plead our case for those without voices?

I felt guilty seeing firsthand the disregard for animal suffering while saying and doing nothing for those who are defenseless against the atrocities committed by humans.

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