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Live life with equal respect for all living beings

Hello, my name is Carmen, and I was born in 1991. I say, "Live life with equal respect for all living beings". In fact, my lifelong goal is to teach people just that...

In 1994, when my mom co-founded an organization named The Responsible Animal Care Society, we got into animal rescue. We have a sanctuary, and have bonded with many animals who showed up on our doorstep.
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I became a vegetarian around 4 years of age, when my mom started to pursue a humane and healthy diet.

Around the age of 10, I became a strict vegetarian and started an organization of my own, currently named Youth Against Animal Abuse.

I have been to many animal rights events over the years such as protests, display tables, lectures, etc. I had only spoken in public about two times, up to 2005. That changed when I was one of the main coordinaters for the seal hunt protest for my area in March. I was interviewed by 2 radio stations, the local TV station, 1 newspaper, and even met with my local MP, who was quite supportive.

Right now, I am working on strategies to end the seal hunt, and getting a student choice policy on dissection, in my school district.

Thanks for viewing my page. I would be happy to send postcards addressed to the Prime Minister, asking for an end to the seal hunt, to anyone who is interested. You can e-mail me at carmen@towardsfreedom.com, if you would like more information regarding any of these issues.
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