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extending ethical regard and rights to nonhuman life

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Irtcles by KG

Analysis of Vivisection Argument

A penetrating revelation of the absurd rationalizations vivisectors utilize.

Anti-Human Supremacy Animal Rights Argument

A substantial anti-human supremacy argument for extending ethical regard and rights to nonhuman life forms.

Fifth Column Veganism?

Nathan Winograd, Gary Francione, and the Philosophy of Distract, Divide, and Demoralize.

Human Exceptionalism

Another fool term for Human Supremacy with the same flaws

No Kill Shelter Debate

Aspects of the no kill shelter scenario are examined in this document.

Pink Elephant in the Room

The key issue in animal rights is the myth of human moral supremacy

The Common Sense Animal Rights Argument

A stronger case for animal rights than using suffering, sentience and speciesism.

The Supremacy Myth Animal Rights Argument

Persuasive Debate Strategy by Debunking the Belief in Superior Moral Worth of Humans