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We are all one, yet each of us one.

ranjanapic At age 35, I became aware of the second part of that and thought the completeness of each one would enhance the whole. So I began to develop myself, through nourishing my body with good foods, my mind with good thoughts and my spirit with good deeds; through aligning my actions more with what I knew to be right regardless of what others said about me.

Now at 40 (for the last 12 years), I still stumble, but continue on my way. I strive to be better and so be a better mother and better friend to others, a better member of the earth's community.

I feel very lucky to live in wonderful company whom you can read more about.

Thank you for visiting me here. I offer you my friendship and willingness to listen and share any life story that may be useful to you.


Irtcles by Ranjana

It Takes a Community to Raise our Children

A true story about a simple, but wonderful rescue involving community.

Ode to Pericles

A poem about an eternal friend.

Rosalind and the Purple Tulip

A story about friendship between a little girl and her flower.