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a figment of his own imagination

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we are all figments of our own imagination. that is why it is a good idea to cultivate that imagination. without imagination, we become trapped by knowledge and become intellectual casualties. imagination sparks within us adventure, courage, vision and compassion.

"i imagine, therefore i evolve!"
(... or at the very least, i imagine i evolve lol)

Some of my chronology:

date event
arrives on planet earth
- 1968 exists as introvert in many forms (and generally continues to do so)
1969 encounters Thomas Henry Huxley, Mr. Spock, Don Quixote who are to have profound influence on subsequent existence
1971 makes racket playing badminton and tennis
1972 becomes lacto-ovo vegetarian
1973 reads Aldous Huxley's Island and sees possibilities not visualized before
1977 starts teaching career in high school which lasts for 18 years and encompasses physics, math, special education, computer science (some students still serving long detentions)
1982 tries to send student to serve as proxy for marriage, but is unsuccessful and is forced to go himself
1987 arrival of first child, Pericles, who causes hectic household to settle down and think of things that really are important
1989/10/29 birth of son, Kyron- humbly accepts standing ovation from students at school for achievement two days later
1990 becomes strict vegetarian after going to local EarthSave presentation
1990/10/09 Pericles flies away out the door. We search for him in vain for months. Where are you my friend, or do you sit silently on my shoulder all these years?
1995 We all move to Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia.
1996 Towards Freedom is created
1997 receives new teaching assignment when Kyron chooses to home school till he is 20
1999 - preparing to add more to this chronology

what I like to do with those who let me:

the rest is left to the imagination ...

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A most lucid account of the important role of physics with due respect to other 'sciences'.

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The Battle

A profound moment when Krishna teaches Arjuna on right conduct.

The Loincloth

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A model to be effected by oneself ... may be with a little help from some friends.

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