The SatChats



These are the 29 Veggiechess SatChats which took place between Feb 28 to Sep 12 of 2004. The Veggiechess clan was originally formed as an offshoot of the Veggies clan on the RedHotPawn Internet Chess site. When RedHotPawn decided to exclude everyone under the age of 13, the Veggiechess clan moved to GoldToken and played there for a year.

Gradually, various people in the clan moved on to activities other than chess and the group disbanded on GoldToken. However, several of us still remain in communication in various ways and it is likely that one day in the future the SatChats will continue again.

While most of the individuals in Veggiechess were vegetarian, the clan's doors were open to anyone who liked chess and accepted our philosophies one of which was to maintain civil behavior on forums. There is a Veggiechess website which details our principles.

These chats are also viewable on the Towards Freedom VeggieChess Forum here. It is possible some of the links will work better on the forum than in this blook.

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