From reading the title, you might think that I have trouble spelling. The thought had crossed my mind that such a thought would cross your mind and so I had to figure out a suitable answer to the contrary. That answer has taken the entire space of this introduction.

The word pickTures, doesn't really exist. It is a concatenation of pick and tures the latter being what's left over when you remove the first three letters from the word pictures. Go ahead and try it, if you don't believe me!

The stories I am about to relate to you in this blook are miniature portraits that I have picked. Now you can probably see the reasoning that went into creating the word pickTures - pictures that have been picked, so to speak. While this explanation doesn't quite prove I can spell, it certainly provided you with a good idea of what is to come.

In pickTures, you will catch glimpses of some of those I know, momentarily caught in a particular experience of their life. There are very few minor literary embellishments as allowed to any author for the sake of art. Neither have the names been altered to protect the guilty!

These stories may enlighten and possibly frighten you, admittedly at the expense of their subjects, but think of what I will have to deal with when these same subjects find out what I have revealed!

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